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Top Tips for Healthy Holiday Travel


Congrats on making it through Halloween! Did you eat your way through your kids candy bag or did you resist temptation and stay far away from those peanut butter cups?

Either way, Halloween is not behind us and we ALL are looking forward to a nice long week ahead to Thanksgiving with family and friends. Of course, being off schedules means traveling for many, getting out of our regular routines and thinking that just a few days off won’t matter. Right? WRONG!! I want you to go into this holiday season STRONG! Strong mind, strong body! Yes, you can enjoy the holiday while still staying on track and I am going to show you busy hustlers how!

These travel holiday tips are great to use for this upcoming holiday season but they are also great to keep in mind anytime you are busy traveling!

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  1. Pack Smart
    Bring plenty of workout outfits or you’ll be sure to have an excuse not to exercise. Pack items such as sneakers, exercise bands or even a  jump rope. All of these items take up minimal amounts of space and can help you create a fast-paced in-room workout if the hotel fitness center is lacking. I love that I have my BeachBody on Demand that I can literally stream from anywhere. I can use it on my computer, tablet or phone so I really have NO excuses to not workout when traveling!
  2. Bring Healthy Snacks
    Bringing a few healthy options to fill in snacks gaps will save you from snacking on the wrong things. Items like these are great in a pinch:• Protein powder/bars
    • Tuna packets
    • Nuts
    • Nut butter
    • Dried fruit
    • Healthy trail mix
    • Grass-fed beef or turkey jerky
    • Supplements/vitamins
  3. Exercise
    A gym isn’t necessary to get in a great workout. Plan to run, hike, bike or swim and stay active! Try to walk as much as possible when it comes to sight-seeing, run on the beach or surrounding areas or do a quick HIIT workout in your room. You can lay on the beach all day long guilt free if you’ve already killed your workout. Incorporate exercise into your day early on and check it off your list. When I travel, if I am unable to lift or find a gym, I always know I can go for a walk or run at any time! Walking or running is better than nothing at all. No excuses!
  4. Hydration
    Drinks lots and lots of water is KEY when traveling! Between the cramped airports and stuffy planes with recycled air it’s no wonder people get sick when they travel. I want you to not only hydrate before, during and after your flight but I also encourage you to amp up your Vitamin C! Grab a water bottle and toss in an EmergenC packet and you’re good to go! Once you down that stick to at least 8 oz. of water in between any other alcoholic beverages you consume. Make sure whatever you are drinking is also a clear liquid! No dark booze here! (The darker the drink, the greater the hangover!) Eek!
  5. Moderation
    While I do believe in treating myself to a weekly cheat meal or two, making a daily habit of doing so will add up quickly. Yes, you should taste grandma’s sweet potatoes and enjoy a couple bites of pie but I want you to think about what you really want to enjoy! Choose where you eat/ drink your calories. If you want to drink more this weekend- know your calories are going there and you have to steer clear of the stuffing and bread basket, if you have a sweet tooth (like me) know that you can have a few bites of dessert but that you need to say no to that alcohol. Make better choices so that you can have that special meal or two, and enjoy it without the guilt.
  6. Don’t forget about getting proper sleep and rest! If you’re like me, that means your holiday season is filled with planes, trains and automobiles!  Feeling refreshed can help you enjoy the season more! Take a cat nap on the plane or once you land at your destination fit in a few zzz’s. Time changes may also affect your normal workout routine/ eating schedule so make sure you try and stick to your normal wake up/ bed time as closely as possible so when you get home your internal clock isn’t completely thrown off!
  7. The holiday’s do NOT include all the days in between–unless you let them! Once Thanksgiving is over, its OVER! Throw out the left overhears, or even think about taking them to a shelter. Either way, get that leftover food OUT OF THE HOUSE! If it’s there you will just continue to go back to it. You get ONE DAY of Thanksgiving NOT the whole weekend!
  8. Plan Ahead- Think about how long you will be traveling for. Other than Thanksgiving day what other activities will you be involved in? See if you can scope out some grocery stores, healthy restaurants before you go so you know what is accessible to you.
  9. Get the Fam Involved- This is the time of year we give thanks for all that we have: family, friends, health! So why not combine all three? Get everyone together for a game of flag football or round a few friends up and get to a workout class together. Traveling is hard enough being off your schedule but you do want to make sure you are fitting in time to see all of those who you traveled so far to be with. Kill two birds with one stone and combine family/ friends with fitting in your workout for the day!
  10. Relax-  Make sure you build some recovery time into your schedule, whether this is when you are at your destination or post-travel. If you do find yourself caught in traffic or in a delay, take some deep breaths, and realize that 99% of the time it is outside of your control, and getting stressed won’t do any good. Just by being conscious of that actually can lower the heart rate and stress levels.

BONUS TIP: Get a great workout in on the plane or while you’re waiting for your lay over flight!


The holiday’s are all about friend’s and family but also making sure that you prioritize your health as well. Keep these 10 tips in mind while traveling and you won’t have that after holiday guilt (or gut) going after the day is done! 

Please share these tips and info with any of your friends and family who many be traveling for the holidays! Let me know if this helped or if you have any extra tips to add! 

xo sandi

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