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Overcoming Failure and Building a Successful Business as a Mom

Navigating Success and Failure: A Deep-Dive into Amy Lacey’s Entrepreneurial Journey


In the world where entrepreneurship meets motherhood, few are able to embody the definition of “having it ALL” like Amy Lacy. As a successful entrepreneur and devoted mom, she sat down with me for an interview where we discuss the secrets of her thriving business, maintaining optimal health, and prioritizing family above all. 

Amy Lacy, the visionary mind behind Cali’flour Foods and Soursop Nutrition, shares her whole journey – from the failures to the wins and all the lessons learned in between. In our conversation we explore the delicate balance between running a successful business and nurturing a family.You can also listen to the full podcast episode HERE for more of our conversation on entrepreneurship, motherhood, embracing failure as a stepping stone, and finding what optimal health means for you. 

The Balance Between Entrepreneurship & Motherhood

Amy Lacy’s entrepreneurial voyage seamlessly weaves together the realms of business and family, revealing invaluable insights. By involving her children in her business, she instills in them a sense of responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit. Amy believes this integration not only benefits her family dynamics but also nurtures young minds for societal contribution.

Amy’s entrepreneurial journey is an amazing example to bringing together business and family. There is a delicate balance that involves setting boundaries and being more present with our children. 

  1. Involve Your Children In Business: By involving your children in your business, they learn a sense of responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit, which benefits the family, and the child for their future and being able to contribute to society. “…if you can bring them in and make them feel a part of it… you will reap the benefits of that… they are a great human. They contribute to society,” Amy affirms. Sharing these moments in business with our children become a source of mutual growth and connection, and showing that success can be done together. 
  2. Setting Boundaries: There is a critical balance between setting boundaries and being present with our children. This is especially true for us mompreneurs. It’s easy to get caught up in our work and spend time working rather than spending quality time with our kids – but the work-life balance is so important. Integrating passions with our family life, and setting boundaries with work & family can help keep that balance. 

The Power of Failure and The Lessons It Brings

When we think of failure, it’s usually associated with negative feelings and a sense of fear. But, Amy’s perspective on failure is completely positive, and shares how these experiences of failure are invaluable lessons that help us learn and grow. Failure isn’t the opposite of success, but an essential part of it. 

“…failure is really where you should be celebrating because failure is your biggest teacher. And if you don’t teach your kids that when they fail, it’s a good thing, they can learn from it…”

And, by openly sharing these challenging times and failures with our children we teach them resilience, and learn that failure is something that guides us towards growth. 

Failure isn’t a roadblock; it’s a stepping stone. 

Soursop Nutrition: Promising A Healthier Tomorrow

Amy Lacy’s entrepreneurial journey takes an exciting turn with Soursop Nutrition, a health and wellness innovation. Soursop is a nutrient-packed superfood that is here to change the supplement market. Check it out HERE

Soursop’s goal is to make wellness a simple, enjoyable path that anyone can have. By bridging the gap between knowledge and accessibility, Amy is on a mission to share the health benefits of Soursop.



As she continues to influence the entrepreneurial and health and wellness worlds, her insights give us a way to change our own approaches to work, life, and wellness, to get closer to that sense of balance in all areas of life. 

Listen to the full PODCAST EPISODE or watch the video interview on YOUTUBE

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