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Hot Mom Bod Hacks!

Focusing on You and Your Health as a Busy Mom Entrepreneur

As a busy mompreneur, what is the first thing you push off your schedule to make time for something else? Is it your “you” time? Your self care time? Your workout?

Working mom life feels a lot like a juggling act at time, trying to maintain a balance between family life, business, and personal well-being. 

And, let’s be honest, the idea of a “hot mom bod” and a healthy lifestyle amidst a hectic schedule can seem impossible.

However, this is your reminder that in order to show up for your family, business, and self fully requires you prioritizing your health and wellbeing.

Prioritizing yourself and your wellbeing is entirely attainable with the right mindset and strategies.

This can involve establishing morning and nighttime routines, planning workouts in advance, and surrounding yourself with a supportive community in order to stay consistent and have success with your fitness goals.

Establishing Routines: The Foundation of Well-being

Synchronizing Body and Mind with Nighttime and Morning Routines

It all starts with your morning and night routine! Having these routines set the tone for your day, keep you on track, and make it easier to stay consistent.

They also are crucial for optimal health, and enhancing your sleep quality.

If you want to know the products & routines I use for quality sleep and a personalized wellness routine, watch the full YouTube Video HERE.

Fitness Integration: Movement as a Lifestyle

Customizing Your Workout Regimen for Success

Planning your workouts in advance and integrating them into your daily schedule will keep you consistent and find success in your fitness goals. Creating a workout schedule, whether it’s adding it into your daily schedule routine, or using platforms like Peloton App or Body by Beachbody will keep you on track and seamlessly enter a productive workout session.

You’ll know exactly what it is that you’re going to do for your workout, and you won’t have to waste time figuring out how to workout!

Another recommendation is to integrate movement into your lifestyle. Whether this is going on daily walks with your kids, sports activities, stretching, or just taking the stairs! When you add movement into your daily life, you’ll be surprised at how much extra ‘workout’ time you’ll add into your day.

The idea of ‘doing what you can, where you can’ is an important approach to physical activity for busy mompreneurs in a hectic schedule. Whether it’s a structured gym session or a playful run in the park with the kids, optimal wellness is not about having a strict exercise routine, but integrating movement into your daily life.

The Strength of Community: Support and Influence

Surrounding yourself with a supportive community of like-minded women can have a huge impact on maintaining a fitness and wellness regimen.

Never underestimate the power of surrounding yourself with a supportive community of like-minded women! This can have a huge impact on maintaining fitness and wellness in your life. Especially if these women are cheering you on, and staying consistent right by your side!

By participating in groups like the High Performance Accelerator Academy, women find a space where their goals for health, business success, and personal development and both understood and celebrated. By finding a similar group of women who work towards their goals together, you’ll find support, commitment, and a place to feel like you belong.

Realizing Your Best Self: Defining Purpose and Style

Achieving the “hot mom bod” and a fit, balanced life as a female entrepreneur is as much about self-improvement as it is about adhering to routine. This is why finding your core motivation, your “why” is so important for staying motivated and on track. This can be anything from wanting the strength to keep up with your children, to just personal satisfaction.

WHY do you want to have this hot mom bod?

Creating a Wardrobe that Resonates with Your Aspirations

This also comes down to your confidence and feeling comfortable in your body and your style. Having a versatile, stylish, and comfortable wardrobe can affect your mindset and motivation on this path to fitness and wellness.

Check out my Amazon wardrobe designed specifically for busy moms HERE

Having style and comfort in the way you dress can act as everyday reminders of your commitment to wellness, self-care, and self love!


By combining routines, fitness, having a community, motivation, and style, the blueprint for a balanced healthy life as a busy mom entrepreneur becomes easier to attain.

This strategy to a “hot mom bod” goes beyond the simple mindset of “looking good” and turns it into a fulfilling goal for an energetic and healthy life that empowers you through all your roles in life.

Listen to the full podcast episode HERE

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