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Keeping the Love ALIVE While Raising Kids

All right guys, you asked for it. And now I’m in delivering. So today’s topic, we are talking about KEEPING THE LOVE ALIVE WHILE RAISING KIDS. Now, you know, it’s no easy feat that we do all the things- we’re running a household and running our own lives and our kids lives and wife life, right? But keeping the main thing, the main thing is so important and showing our kids what a healthy marriage and relationship looks like is so, so important. This was hands down one of the biggest topics that I got, that you guys wanted attention on. So keeping the love alive while raising kids, I’ve got 10 tips for you on how to do this, how to make it a little bit easier. So let’s just go ahead and dive right in.

1.My first tip that I have have for you is: Make date night a priority.

Now listen, you probably hear this over and over again, but it’s because it’s so important and it’s because it’s so easy to neglect not doing it. There’s things that pop up and there’s work events and Mama’s tired and dad’s probably tired. Everyone’s tired, right? And it’s easy to just stay in and not get dressed up and not go out. That’s the easy thing to do. But instead of doing what’s easy, you need to do what’s best for your relationship, which means getting dressed, getting out of the house, putting on some makeup and going out. Getting dressed up isn’t just for him, it’s for YOU! You get to get out of mommy mode for a little bit and do your hair done, your makeup, etc. And it doesn’t have to be full on makeup, but you know, make some effort with it and you get to be put together for a night versus having spit up on your shirt, wiping butts and changing diapers.

So take advantage of it. And do date night, commit to it, put it on your calendar and stick to it. And listen. If you can’t get out of the house, which is the ideal situation-  put the phones away, get out of nice bottle of wine, put on a movie. Maybe before you put on a movie, do some connection time and really just get talking and get some conversation going, right? The cuddling is really nice while you watch a movie, but you really want to use this date night time to connect with each other and get back on the same page and figure out what your partner’s goals are. Figure out what you guys have coming up that’s exciting. Maybe it’s a trip, maybe it’s something in business, but get on the same page. Know what each other’s goals are and make the time to commit to each other with your date night.

Okay? So that’s tip number one.

2.Tip number two is to spoil your spouse, not your kids.

And what I mean by that is we spoil our kids a lot, or we tend to spoil our kids, right? But our husband, they probably get the backseat a lot of the time, right?  When something needs to be done, it’s always the kids. They get the attention first. But we really need to think about is spoiling our husbands because at the end of the day, the kids get a lot of attention and it’s the best thing for you that you can do for your kids to see that you’re putting your relationship first. Right? That is the main thing. And strong marriages make strong families and your kids will see growing up what a strong marriage looks like and what it’s supposed to be. So above all, it provides a sense of security and safety for your kids.

And they’ll know mom and dad have a strong relationship and they’ll see what a loving relationship looks like.So it’s really important to spoil your hubby. You can do things like: writing him love notes, just giving him some extra love and attention and spoiling your husband. So think about some ways, jot some ways down that you can spoil your hubby a little bit. And I’m not talking on his birthday or father’s day or any other special occasion, I;I’m sayin gdo this just because, just because you want to show him some love and appreciation and it goes a long way when the kids get to see this as well.

So make sure that you’re making him the priority too!

3. Tip Number 3: Bring back the PDA. I’m talking about the cuddling, the kisses, the hugs, you know, all those little things, those little PDA signs of affection, right? Model what a strong marriage looks like. Again, your kids are going to see this, they’re going to grow up seeing parents that have affection towards each other and love, and I’m not talking full on, you know, intimacy here. I’m just talking little kisses in the kitchen. I love with when my husband will grab me and we’ll dance in the kitchen. And we’ll say to Jake, our son “daddy’s kissing mommy” or “mom is kissing daddy” and then we’ll go and give him a kiss. But again, it is so important to make sure that PDA is there for your kids to see that. So bring back that affection and the PDA.

For the rest of my 10 tips on HOW TO KEEP THE LOVE ALIVE WHILE RAISING KIDS- check out the rest of my video BELOW!!



Also, what would YOU add to this list? Comment below or tag me on IG so I can which tips have helped you or what you would add!


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