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Gain An HOUR Back EVERY DAY! – Part 1

You often hear the word free time. But What is free time? A spontaneous night out with your hubby or with friends? Is free time sleeping in and getting done all the tasks you need to get done with no interruptions? Sounds like the days of pre-baby past.

Today’s “Me” time mostly consists of (if I’m lucky) an uninterrupted bathroom break, scrolling some social and the occasional day to get my hair/ nails done.

I’m here today to chat with you about getting that precious time back that you could be wasting with these timesaving ideas from REAL MOMS- busy mamas who are juggling ALL THE THINGS and crave just a little bit of “MOM ME-TIME”. 

Want to save more time? Let’s dive in:

1. Plan what you eat.  Prepare a menu of what you’re going to eat for a week. This is going to save you some time throughout the week so you can plan your grocery shopping, meal prep and even deciding on what you will have each night for dinner. Use Sunday’s to plan out what you are having to eat for the week ahead.

2. Freeze your favorites. Double up on the foods you are making and pop them in the freezer. Like magic you have another meal in the same amount of time that it made you to make one meal. 

3. Plan out your clothes. Set yours AND your children’s entire outfit out the night before. Even better is if you have your kids pick out what they want to wear the night before so there is no fuss in the morning when its time to get ready.

4. Online Calendars. Use color-code ones to plan everything from home, work, and school, and make sure it’s in sync with your partner’s. 

5. Got errands? Lunch time a great time to get some errands done. BONUS tip is if you are using apps that you can delegate these errands out to like: Instacart, Amazon, etc. Order the groceries/ items online and have them delivered to you when you will be home.

6. Earlier bedtime for the kids. Plus they’ll get to sleep better and wake up earlier. You will be able to schedule much needed ME TIME in there if your kids are in bed earlier and can get things done around the house that you have been meaning to tackle OR just take a well deserved bath!

7. Smart Multitasking. You don’t want to multitask the important stuff that needs your FULL attention. However, you can multitask the SMART way by listening to an audio book while cleaning the house or getting ready for the day, clean up your bathroom a bit while your little ones are playing in the tub or throw in a load of laundry in the morning and switch it to the dryer when you get home. There are many smart ways to multi-task just make sure that you are giving the larger tasks and people in your life your full attention where/ when needed. Multitasking works great but be smart about where you do this!  

8. Wake up before the kids and give yourself ME TIME. I can’t stress this enough! Starting the day taking care of YOURSELF – waking up, brushing your teeth, using the bathroom maybe grabbing a HOT cup of coffee are all ways to take care of yourself before your littles are up! Instead of being in reactive mode you are already up and ready for the day before your littles ones take over! 

9. Lists, lists, LISTS: Make shopping lists and never stray from them! Lists for groceries, household items, cleaning supplies, clothes- lists are a moms best friend! Also, if you tend to forget your lists when you’re out (we’ve all been there!) take a picture on your phone of the list before you leave the house. You always have your phone with you so this way your list will be with you whether you remembered to grab it or not!

10. Make to-do lists! Speaking of lists- to-do lists work wonders too! It’s so  fulfilling when you scratch something off your to-do list! You feel motivated, accomplished and can see the progress you’ve made!

There will be a PART 2 to this list! Comment below and let me know some of your favorite time saving hacks! 

Also, join myself and other incredible moms in my online FB community- The Modern Moms Club! We share healthy recipes, tips, tricks and ALL THE THINGS that help us survive and THRIVE In motherhood! 

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