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WELCOME!! We are so excited to share with you more about what we do as Beachbody coaches, our favorite perks of the business, how much time it takes, the cost to join, and MORE!! Please refer to the coach who sent you to this page to ask any questions! :)

Post 1/7
Welcome to DAY 1 of our Sneak Peek into Coaching group!! We are all so excited to have everyone here to learn more about what we do. Our GOAL is to share as much information with you as we can so that you can make an informed decision on if Coaching is a good fit for you.

My team members and I have put together some videos explaining more about a certain area of coaching. Please WATCH the videos & email the coach who sent you to this page with any & all QUESTIONS that you have!!!

We’re here to answer your questions and give you different perspectives of our experiences so far with coaching. Sit back, enjoy and let’s get started!!!

Let your coach know what interests you the MOST about coaching/why you’re eager to learn more about what we do!

Post 2/7
A Beachbody Coach does whaaat?!

Today’s video, Ashley breaks it down to 3 basic things a coach does! As a coach our mission is to share and serve! When you join as a coach your life doesn’t get eaten by a big bad Beachbody boogie monster. You are still you! And we love you for that!

Name 3 things that are a part of YOU! Hobbies, family, faith, interests, etc.
Comment below! I want to get to know the real you!
Ok let me recap the break down of the 3 main things that will be your focus when you become a Beachbody Coach.
1. You will focus on you! Working out each day, nourishing your body with Shakoelogy, reading personal development and listening to uplifting audio!
2. Encourage and inspire other people achieve their health and fitness goals.
3. Guide and mentor our team of coaches that are ready to rock their business goals!

Do you have to be at your ideal “goal weight?” or be ripped?
NO! Absolutely not! If you are still on your weight loss journey that is great! As you are focusing on your goals you will inspire others to follow. You are unique! You have value to offer this world! Believe me – people want to follow real and genuine! Not fake and perfection!
Right in front of you is a golden nugget! A chance to join a beautiful team of supportive individuals – you will not be in this alone! Team calls, trainings, support, encouragement, resources, and so much more will show you HOW to do what other coaches have done. If your heart is ready to share & serve and you are willing to learn!

Post 3/7
How do coaches earn money?

I think this is the BIG Question you’re all wondering about, right? Of course coaches aren’t in this business solely for the income but it’s the icing on the cake!

Believe it or not, there are about 10 different ways that we can earn money in business. A lot of coaches are turned off by the fact that they think they have to ‘sell’ —eww, the S word!

BUT let me squash that assumption QUICK! We do not SELL, we SHARE and there are more ways to earn than just SHARING. Don’t fool yourself either, this isn’t a get rich quick business. If you join & do nothing, millions will NOT fall in your lap.

Here are some real stats MY COACH (someone who has built a steady business over a 17 month time span) has created!

Her first week: $57.50
Her first 99 days: $1,680.49
6 months in: $600 a month
1 year in: $1,000 a month
17 months in (current): $1,500-1,800 a month

I have slowly built my business as a coach with a passion, and I am only just getting started. The leader of our team, Samantha Hawley, built her business to be a 6-figure income in just 2.5 years. I dont share these things to brag but to show you the potential in this business if you are consistent.

WHAT could your family to with an extra $500/month? What about $5,000/month? What kinds of things would you CHANGE for yourself with this kind of extra money? Close your eyes and seriously imagine it. Now open your eyes…. And GO.

Post 4/7

We’ve taken some time to explain + share an overview of an opportunity that has not only changed MY life, but has changed the lives of EVERY coach in this group! I know some of you have been wondering… Do I REALLY have what it takes to actually BE A GREAT COACH?
Do I have the experience? Qualifications? 6-pack abs? 😉 .
You may be tempted to jump on board…but are you thinking, “AM I RIGHT FOR THIS?!”
When I started as a coach, I wasn’t the picture of success. In fact, I couldn’t consistently commit to more than 2 consecutive days of P90X2. I was in a job where I felt so much pressure to be better and do better, and the office life was just NOT for me. Who was I to inspire others? Who was I to help someone on their fitness journey when I didn’t have the best track record myself?
In my journey, I have come to realize that the BEST coaches aren’t necessarily who you might think…
GREAT COACHES are simply people who are willing to step out of their comfort zone…who are willing to share their triumphs & stumbling blocks. They know that being relatable = connection. GREAT COACHES want to help & inspire others to get started.

As a major skeptic, I had so many questions about success. Can I be a great coach if I don’t have a lot of time?  Can I be a great coach if I am just starting (on again off again) on my fitness journey?

Even with my major skepticism…I can’t explain it other than a gut feeling.. but I just KNEW this was the path I needed to take. I purchased Shakeology and 21 Day Fix (Extreme) on BLIND faith & started my transformation with a challenge group. I fell SO in love with the atmosphere and the programs and the people, that I decided to coach!! The accountability helped me stick with it. Sharing my journey gave my so much positivity in my life. The community and positive mindset helped me find a dream and have FUN. Paying it forward connected me with so many incredible people old AND new.

By focusing on my health, sharing my story, and helping others, I went from living and going through the motions where every day felt the same, to now feeling like I’ve found what I’m supposed to do!
Just to put it in perspective with you, here’s a coach whose training I was just in that shares her income progression with us.
Her 1st Paycheck: $28.96
1 year Anniversary: $948/week
2 year Anniversary: $1,981/week
3 year Anniversary: $6,176/week
4 year Anniversary: $9,912/week
Now (4.5 years): $15,440/week

Why did she show us this? To inspire and to show its possible. My MOTIVATION is to PAY THIS BLESSING FORWARD. Because of THIS non-traditional opportunity… my life is forever changed. I never thought I’d be working from home, that wasn’t my original plan either! And so I HAVE to pass that on. I honestly feel RESPONSIBLE to share this same opportunity with others… to people who feel trapped, unfulfilled, or maybe just wanting more.

You might be a GREAT coach if…
– You know DEEP DOWN you were made for MORE than you are currently doing with your life.
– You want to provide for yourself and not have to rely on anyone else to support them, but also feel a calling to give back and help others!
– You want to live life BY DESIGN: Traveling, meeting new people, giving back! The idea of working WHEN you want, with WHOM you want, WHERE you want, and doing WHAT you WANT almost sounds too good to be true, but gosh, if it was a possibility, you would be ALL over it!
– You are COACHABLE and willing to spend a year making short-term sacrifices if it meant spending the rest of your life enjoying long-term SUCCESS!
IF THAT SOUNDS LIKE YOU — and you’ve been waiting for some type of “sign” to come and hit you in the face… THIS is your sign 

-Has your perception of coaching changed since you joined this group?
-What questions are still on your mind?

Post 5/7
What you’re all wondering…
1. How much does it cost to sign up?
2. Is there a monthly or recurring fee?
3. Are there quotas, minimum orders, or sales benchmarks we need to hit?

Listen in & ask your coach if you have any questions!

Post 6/7
I truly believe the most precious gift you can give another person is the gift of TIME, so we thank you for YOURS and hope we’ve made it worth it.
We have ONE last video for today and my ONLY question for you is…
What kind of coach you would want to be (The video will explain)

For those Business Builders, ask about the opportunity to get into our Fit Boss Academy ASAP!

Post 7/7
Lastly, we want to ask you to put aside your fears and ask yourself: What If?!

Comment below with any questions that didn’t get answered yet!

Lastly, THANK YOU for spending some of your time learning more about the coaching opportunity.
We  what we do, we sharing it with others and we  the impact we can have on others lives.

Have questions?? Ask the coach that sent you to this Sneak Peek page!! If you don’t have a coach, I’d love to chat with you more! Head over to my CONTACT ME page and lets chat!!

From Sandi & Jarrod Glandt

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