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About Me

sandi BB circleHi! My name is Sandi, and I am a health, fitness & wellness coach. I’m so excited that you’ve stumbled upon my blog! My mission is to encourage & help others find the support they need to reach their personal health and fitness goals while finding the guidance they need to create more freedom for their families.

Fitness was not always on my radar. Don’t get me wrong, I loved to workout and eat healthy, but I could never stay consistent hitting the gym and getting to those barre and pilates classes I wanted to which never seemed to match my schedule! I stumbled on to this amazing opportunity and business shortly after I became engaged and was on my “shedding for the wedding” journey. Not only did I fall in love with the programs, support and motivation that this company had to offer, but I saw there was something BIGGER here. Something that with the right dedication, hard work and commitment could (and has) turned in to a game changer for me and my family!

I’m so excited to share HEALTHY tips, recipes & easy healthy alternatives. I will share everything from yummy and HEALTHY snacks, to meal planners, ways to stay motivated, great finds I stumble upon and how you can JOIN ME in building a successful business from home! The best part is building a team and encouraging other entrepreneurs who get to grow and build their own team AND INCOME all while helping others to be the best versions of themselves! This site will help us stay connected & ensure you have countless resources to BE ALL IN.

As a coach, I get to help people reach their health & fitness goals! This job is so much more *rewarding* than I ever thought it could be. I can’t wait for you to see my passion shine through on this page. Feel free to roam about! I hope you feel *inspired* to take any small action to ensure that every day, *you are becoming your best self*.

I’m about to become your greatest supporter – as your fitness coach & your genuine accountability partner – cheering you on to achieve your goals.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to me! Whether you are looking to lose weight or build muscle or just want to chat – I’d love to meet you! Shoot me an email and introduce yourself.

Thanks a ton for being here & letting me… be me!

From Sandi & Jarrod Glandt

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