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7 Productivity Strategies For Moms Who are Stressed Doing it ALL

Here’s a little insight I wanted to share with you…

Tips that as a mom and working woman I think it’s important that we shed some light on and discuss in DEPTH!

Motherhood doesn’t (and shouldn’t) keep you from chasing your dreams.

In fact…

Motherhood makes you MORE capable!

If you feel like you’re a working woman in a mans world, YOU’RE right!

The work force isn’t set up and speaking to women who are mothers, wives and doing all the things!

But guess what, MOM’S are super women and we can and DO, do it all!

Not because we have to, because we get to!

We get to show up as present mothers, wives and women in the workplace creating the ideal lives WE want to live!

In today’s video I share with you 7 hacks on how to be ultra productive in BUSINESS while raising BABIES (or just juggling all the things!).

These tips are so important for you to put attention on so you can not only survive life as an AMBITIOUS working mother but so that you can THRIVE and know you have a community of like-minded women going through and navigating the same things you are!

1. Ignore mainstream advice (and advice from male-dominated or run businesses) They just don’t run businesses as we do

2. Realize. ALL you do: from the kids to run the home, groceries, meal times, AND running a business- you need to look at all the WINS and achievements you are actually having each day!

3. Prioritize sleep: Mainstream media doesn’t take into account, being up half the night to breastfeed or because your toddler has nightmares. Prioritize sleep above all else and Don’t feel guilty for it!

For the other 4 tips on Productivity Strategies for Moms who are Stressed About Doing it ALL…check out the video below and let me know which one is your favorite! 

7 Productivity Strategies For Moms Who Are Stressed About Doing It All

For more tips, hacks and trainings on high performance habits and balancing all the things as a wife, mother and boss babe, check out Productivity Hacks for Ambitious Women FB Group! I can’t wait to see you inside!

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