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10 Habits for Productivity and Balance for Working Moms

10 Habits for Productivity and Balance for Working Moms

These simple habits have transformed my working mom journey.


If you’re a working mom looking to improve your productivity and work-life balance, there are a few simple habits you can start implementing that will completely change your life! 

These easy habits will revolutionize your approach to motherhood, and allow you to thrive both personally and professionally. 

Habit 1: Turn Off The Screens

One of the most transformative habits I’ve noticed in my life is implementing no screen time in the evenings. Since making this a part of our daily schedule, our whole family has noticed that we feel a greater sense of presence and connection with one another. When we put aside these distractions, we’re able to prioritize quality time, which leads to stronger bonds and more special memories.

Habit 2: Taking Advantage of Modern Conveniences

There are so many modern conveniences that can save us so much time! By leveraging services such as grocery delivery, and delegating household chores, I’ve been able to reclaim so much time for my personal priorities! 

Being able to save time on these tasks, has allowed me to live more intentionally, focusing on what really matters in my business  and in life. 

Habit 3: Writing Out Family Schedules 

Being on the same page with my family and our busy schedules by writing them out together has created a smoother and more supportive family dynamic. By knowing exactly what is going on has saved me so much time with family responsibilities and in entrepreneurship.

Habit 4: Lifelong Learning 

For me, continuous learning and growth have been essential for maintaining relevance in both my personal and professional life. Reading books, listening to podcasts, and other educational resources daily has ensured that I’m able to be growing constantly. The commitment to self-improvement has totally changed my life personally, professionally, and as a mother. 

 Habit 5: Investing in Community and Networking

Surrounding myself with other like-minded individuals that push me to higher levels has been a huge part of my journey. The people we surround ourselves with play a huge role in our journey. They inspire us, push us to do better, and support us along the way. Being around like-minded individuals fosters teamwork and friendship, leading to shared growth and personal achievements.

Want to hear the last 5 habits? Listen to the Slay Your Day Podcast, or watch the full YouTube Video

These ten habits have completely changed the way I approach being a working mom. By taking care of myself, using technology wisely, syncing up schedules, and always seeking to learn more, I’ve become more efficient and present in everything I do. These habits aren’t just about managing—it’s about thriving in every aspect of my life. They show that forming intentional habits can truly transform your life for the better.

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