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Healthy PSL Recipe- YUM!

I don’t know about you but this time of year has me on my pumpkin spice game like WOAH!! I’ll take pumpkin spiced anything…what can I say, I only get to drink and eat this stuff this time of year. Also, being in Miami the smell and tastes of pumpkin spice remind me of home.

On one hand pumpkin, errr, everything can be amazing on the other hand it can rake up quite a lot of calories and sugar! So of course I had to seek out a recipe that would do my body good and better than all those other sugar packed drinks.

Just a few little facts before you before we dive into the recipe:

According to Starbucks’ website, a 16 oz. Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte is 40% saturated fat and has 50 grams of sugar. (Ouch!)

Panera’s version has 12 grams of fat and 51 grams of sugar. (Gross!)

So what’s a pumpkin lover to do?

You can make your own version – and it is even more delicious.

First things first. Start with healthy ingredients.

  1. The Coffee: Choose a coffee that’s better for you. And yes, coffee can have health benefits but non-organic coffee is one of the most chemically treated foods out there. Coffee crops are sprayed with pesticides, fertilizers and more s0 make sure you choose wisely when it comes to your coffee choices.
  2. The Milk: You want to choose a milk that tastes good and is better for you too. Coconut milk is creamy and lactose free. It contains lauric acid, a fat that the body uses for energy and can lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure.
  3. The Pumpkin Spice Flavor: Now comes the taste difference. Instead of using artificial flavorings, use real pumpkin, maple syrup and pumpkin pie spice to give your latte the taste that you love.



Mix coffee or espresso with pumpkin, maple syrup, spice and vanilla. A blender works best to get rid of lumps.

Add stevia or maple syrup to milk and heat.

Once it has come to a boil, remove from heat and put in blender with coffee drink.

Blend to create creamy mixture.


I hope you enjoy this PSL recipe just as much as I do! Please share this with your Pumpkin Spice Latte loving friends and I love hearing from you in the comments below.

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xo sandi

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