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The 12 Days of FITmas! Everything you need to get HAPPY & HEALTHY in 2017!

Can you believe the holidays are here? Ok, well we have 13 day left!
Today, I am breaking down my 12 days of FITMAS for you! This is my list of the 12 gifts that will get you up, moving and happy and healthy in 2017! So let’s get into it!

holiday gift guide

  1. Buff Bake // Delicious Cookies, Spreads and Nut Butters : These are to die for! Everything from birthday cake spreads to red velvet and rocky road! These are a MUST try for any delicious add ins to shakes, protein energy bites or even just a yummy twist on PB&J!
  2. Magic Bullet // This magic bullet is  MUST for any FIT girl for the holidays! I don’t go a day without using mine! Whether its for blending up my daily shakes, making awesome dips or whipping up some homemade nut butters this magic bullet is an essential in our home!
  3. 10X Leggings // Every 10Xer knows that working out in the right gear is key to crushing your workouts! Make sure to rock it in the new year with these powerful 10X leggings! I swear these babies will get in your head and make you run longer, lift harder and CRUSH your daily workout!
  4. Kate Hudson: Pretty Happy Book // Who doesn’t love Kate Hudson? If you weren’t before, you will be after reading her book! Pretty Happy talks about how you CAN balance and have it all! Whether you need to sometimes indulge and just enjoy that cookie to knowing your body and how the right foods in will impact directly with how you feel. Get the book!  I promise, this is a great read going in to 2017!
  5. Strength Bands // Rev up your workouts with an extra boost of lower-body resistance. Using one, two, or all three levels of this portable Strength Band, you’ll tone your butt and thighs, sculpt lean muscle, and build strength and form. Also, perfect for on the go busy travelers!
  6. Motivational Water Bottle // I’m the WORST when it comes to drinking water. But guess what?? When it comes to this water bottle there must be something magic, or maybe it’s the motivational sayings on the bottle…but I drink so much more H2O when its from this bottle than any other!
  7. Shakeology // This superfood-packed protein shake helps you lose weight the healthy way, fight junk food cravings, increase your energy, and improve your digestion. I literally  can not say enough amazing things about it! It has changed my diet and life to be 100% healthier this year than any other! I don’t go a day without my fave AND HEALTHIEST meal of the day!
  8. Women’s Health Mag // This is the mag for every fit girl this holiday season! This mag covers everything from health, nutrition, fitness, sex, and lifestyle. Y0u get it all in one magazine! Great tips and tricks from all the insider professionals as well as upcoming trends!
  9. Bluefish Sports Wear // I love supporting local shops that I love and Bluefish sport is one of them! Bluefish has the most amazing fashionable fit wear to go from workout to night out! SO many cute and versatile styles. The best part is that you can go workout in it but you can also wear the same gear to run errands, pick up the kids or even head out on the town. I love anything that I can get double the use out of!
  10. The 52 Lists Project // I came across The 52 Lists Project as I was perusing my local bookstore. YES, I still go to bookstores! As a matter of fact a little unknown secret about me is that I absolutely LOVE going to a bookstore, grabbing a coffee and just reading cuddled up in a corner somewhere! The 52 Lists Project is all about taking a little time to yourself once a week to reflect and recognize all of the power and love within yourself through list making. Try it once and you’ll be addicted! You’re welcome in advance! 😉
  11. Fitbit // If you follow me on social at all you know that I just LOVE my Fitbit! I got this as a gift 2 years ago and am still just as obsessed with it today as the day I got it! Actually, maybe even more now that I know how to use it more than the day I got it! I love doing weekly challenges with friends and that I make it a point to park further, walk a little longer and get in extra steps each day just by strapping it on. Definitely a fun way to get in those 10,000 steps each day!
  12. Headspace // Ok, so TBH I just got in to Headspace about a month ago but I’m hooked! We all have a million and one things running through our world each day and the beautiful thing about Headspace is that this ALLOWS you to slow down and stop for just 10 minutes a day and listen to what your body and brain are telling you. What I learned about meditation what that the person who thinks they do need this, is the person who needs this more than anyone. 10 minutes a day is just the right amount of time to wind down, meditate and just slow down your thinking. Give this a try and promise yourself that 2017 is going to be your year of clarity and reflection! (Bonus tip: Previous studies have linked meditation to benefits such as improved attention, memory, processing speed, creativity, and more. Recent research also suggests that meditation helps counteract age-related loss of brain volume.)

I hope that you take the time to look a little further into these 12 gifts of FITmas! They all in one way or another will help with your health, fitness, mind/ body and overall wellness! I have attached a link to each item so you can go directly to the site to dive in a little more or order if you think these gifts would be perfect for you! Share with me if you order any or if you have tried any of these products before! Wishing you all a happy, healthy and prosperous new year to come! Let’s all make the commitment to end 2016 STRONG and go in to 2017 DOMINATING our health and fitness goals! I am here to help you, so REACH OUT and let’s do this together! 

xo sandi


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