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The Ultimate Summer Schedule: Working Less, Earning More, and Enjoying Quality Time with Your Kids

The Ultimate Summer Schedule: Working Less, Earning More, and Enjoying Quality Time with Your Kids

Summer can be hard for moms…but it doesn’t have to be! It all comes down to how you prepare, prioritize, and strategize! 

As we approach the warm summer months, many mompreneurs may feel a sense of dread about balancing work and spending time with their kids. However, with the right strategies, it’s possible to work less, earn more, and enjoy quality time with your family. In this blog post, we will discuss the ultimate summer schedule that will help you optimize your time, increase productivity, and maximize your income while being present with your kids.

I will be sharing with you some of my best summer systems so you can juggle both home life and work life during summer- and enjoy this summer with your kids, and successful business. 


How To Work Less, Earn More, & Enjoy Time With Your Kids This Summer:

Streamlining Your Work:

To boost productivity and efficiency, it’s essential to streamline your work processes. Consider implementing automation tools such as email automation, social media management software, CRM systems, and project management software. Delegating tasks that don’t require your direct involvement can also free up your time and energy. Remember, focusing on income-generating activities should be your priority.


Maximizing Revenue Streams:

Evaluate your main offer, whether it’s a product or service, and assess how much you charge for it and the time it takes to fulfill. Aim for high-value activities that generate substantial income with minimal effort. Conduct an audit of your business and consider creating a new summertime offer tailored to the season. This could be a coaching program, mentorship, or an exclusive package that provides value to your clients while allowing you to work fewer hours.


Increasing Income with Fewer Hours:

To achieve the goal of earning more while working less, focus on the following points:

  1. Prioritize high-value activities: Identify tasks that have the greatest impact on your business and concentrate your time and energy on them.
  2. Leverage automation: Utilize automation tools for emails, social media management, customer relationship management (CRM), and project management. This will save time and enable you to work more efficiently. Need help with automations? Grab my FREE TRAINING
  3. Delegate tasks: Delegate non-core activities that don’t require your expertise to virtual assistants, freelancers, or agencies. Outsourcing tasks like accounting or marketing can free up your time for more important activities.
  4. Evaluate your pricing strategy: Assess whether you’re charging appropriately for your products or services. Adjusting your pricing can help increase your income without needing to work longer hours.
  5. Create a focused schedule: Designate specific blocks of time for work and quality time with your kids. Establish boundaries and communicate them with your family, ensuring you have dedicated time for both work and personal life.
  6. Continuously refine and optimize: Regularly evaluate your strategies, systems, and processes. Identify areas for improvement and refine your approach to maximize efficiency and income.

By implementing these strategies and embracing a structured summer schedule, you can work less, earn more, and enjoy quality time with your kids. Remember, it’s all about finding the right balance and optimizing your time and resources to achieve both personal and professional success.

Want to learn more about the ultimate summer schedule and how to balance your time this summer? Check out my PODCAST episode, or watch the YOUTUBE video for more! 

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