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How to Achieve 6 Figures in Your Business with Only 4 Hours of Work per Day

How to Achieve 6 Figures in Your Business with Only 4 Hours of Work per Day

Do you want the secrets behind reducing your work hours while still achieving 6-figure success in your business? 

Here are the EXACT strategies that have helped both my clients and me streamline our schedules and maximize productivity. By implementing themed days, prioritizing non-negotiable tasks, conducting a business audit, and leveraging automation and delegation, you can reach your financial goals without sacrificing your time and energy. 

Themed Days for Increased Focus:

Avoid the overwhelm of switching between different roles throughout the day. Instead, dedicate specific days to tasks such as admin, finances, sales, team training, client fulfillment, media, and marketing. By compartmentalizing your responsibilities, you can maintain focus and productivity, even when faced with daily challenges like toddler meltdowns or family emergencies.

The very first thing I recommend after my clients tell me their 6 figure goals is to audit their schedule. Download my free Time Audit Worksheet HERE to get started.


Prioritize Your Top 3 Non-Negotiables Daily:

Streamline your daily goals by selecting three high-priority tasks that must be accomplished by the end of each day. This allows you to concentrate on your most impactful big money moves. By prioritizing these tasks, you can create space to delegate client fulfillment, marketing, sales, and administrative tasks to reliable team members. Remember, as the CEO, focus on your zone of genius to drive your business toward success.


Business Audit & Customized Growth Strategy:

To achieve 6-figure revenue goals, it’s crucial to audit your business and develop a customized growth strategy. 

Here are the questions to ask yourself when you audit to determine whether or not the current version of your business is ready to reach your goals. 

  • What’s the price of your products or services?
  • Which one of my offers is the most scalable? (meaning, it’s profitable and simple enough for me to sufficiently train other people to do the work for me)
  • How many clients or customers will you need to hit that goal?
  • When you deduct all the potential expenses, are you still profiting more than 6 figures?
  • How will you attract more clients if you know that your current database isn’t enough?
  • What will it take for you to fulfill the services you delivered?
  • What daily activities do I need to be consistent with to see those results?

Automation, Delegation & Systematizing:

Once you have audited your business and answered critical questions, it’s time to leverage automation, delegation, and systematization. Discover ways to automate processes, delegate tasks to qualified team members, and establish efficient systems that support the growth of your business. Remember, every business is unique, so tailor these strategies to fit your specific needs and goals.

By implementing these strategies, you can achieve 6-figure success in your business while working only 4 hours per day. Embrace themed days to enhance focus, prioritize your top 3 non-negotiable tasks, conduct a thorough business audit, and develop a customized growth strategy. Finally, leverage automation, delegation, and systematization to streamline your operations and create space for continued growth. With these tactics, you can build a thriving business without sacrificing your valuable time and energy.


If you want to work less hours, have more time with your kids, AND run a thriving 6 figure business, all at the same time, and you want me to show you how to do it – Sign up for the waitlist for my new Power Mom 4×4 Program HERE.

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