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Have a GUILT-FREE Thanksgiving


Ok, we all know it’s coming! Thanksgiving is OFFICIALLY  a week away! Now most of you are looking forward to seeing family, getting together with friends and of course having that oh so filling Thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving is definitely a holiday I look forward to but I also know that this time of the year brings on MAJOR weight gain for most people. As a matter of fact, this time of year not only brings on weight gain for Thanksgiving but goes all the way into the New Year and then my friends, you don’t start to think about taking that weight off until bikini season comes back around!


Well, I want to help you not only keep it of this holiday season but BURN FOR THR BIRD and earn that holiday meal! Here is Thanksgiving week planner for you up until black Friday! Yes, follow these guidelines and you will get to enjoy the holiday and all that comes with it (in moderation)!

So lets get into it:



You want to get your workout in first thing Sunday morning. Go for any cardio based workout program. I love doing Turbo Kick which lasts about 45 minutes. Don’t have a workout program handy- go for a half an hour to an hour run! Then you want to lift some weights for 15 minutes. Drink only water today, not only to keep yourself hydrated but also to save the 280 calories you would consume by drinking two cans of soda.

Calories burned/saved: 668.



After eating a healthy protein-packed breakfast to kick-start your metabolism, jump rope for 15 minutes. Later, get outside and go jogging for a half hour or press play for 30 minutes to your fave workout dvd. Mine right now for weight training is Body Beast and my cardio go to is Turbo Kick! I have so much fun with these two and the time FLYS by!

Calories burned: 531.



After work, get into the ring and take a 30-minute boxing class with the new Core de Force. Skip the drive-thru for dinner and instead cook at home. Brush a chicken breast with a bit of barbecue sauce, or use my fave seasoning Flavor God to spice up your meal! Throw it onto your George Foreman grill, and eat it with some steamed veggies.

Calories burned/saved: 1,443.



Ride your bike for an hour (outside or at the gym), then help get your house in order for the guests who will soon be streaming through the front door. You can burn up to 170 calories in an hour by doing some moderate cleaning and tasks around the house.

Calories burned: 796.



Before you eat yourself into a turkey coma, do five minutes of jumping jacks, and take a leisurely walk outside. BONUS POINTS: If you press play and get a workout in BEFORE you sit down for your meal. A good sweat sesh before you start going crazy with sides dishes of potatoes and lots of pumpkin pie is key to your day! Also, REMEMBER, EVERYTHING IN MODERATION!! Stick with filling your plate with protein and veggies first! Sauces and dressings add up and count to so don’t forget that! If you are going to indulge choice WHERE you want to indulge. Pick your poison- alcohol, carbs (breads, stuffing, potatoes) or dessert. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT overdue it with all three! You are the only one who can control what goes on your plate, in your glass and what you consume! Choose wisely and you will not fill guilty the next day!

Calories burned: 197- 500 (depending on amount of activity before your big dinner)



After scarfing down leftovers, rally your buddies and family for a friendly game of flag football. Ladies, are you going shopping? An average 150-pound person can burn about 470 to 500 calories in three hours shopping — not too shabby and no doubt needed after yesterday’s turkey, stuffing and pie, which, for some, totaled thousands of calories.

Calories burned: 653.

Total calories saved/burned: 4,288.

Don’t stop There! More holidays are right around the corner! THIS is the time to amp up your workouts and stay on track with your nutrition. ONLY you are in control of this. Be smart, get your workouts in early, eat in moderation, stop when you’re full- NOT when your plate is clear and decide where you want to indulge in your calories. Don’t deprive yourself, enjoy a few bites of dessert here and there and most importantly STAY HYDRATED! Drinking water throughout the day will ensure that you are staying full and will not be able to overeat if you are constantly sipping on some water!


Keep me updated on how you did this coming week and on Thanksgiving Day! I will be waiting to hear your feedback on how you did!! YOU GOT THIS!

xo sandi

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