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Effortless Back to School Morning Routine (for mom & kiddos)

Hey Mama!

Getting out of the house at any time of the day can be a challenge- shoes flying, kid chasing- all while trying to remember bags, phone, snacks and all the other mom/ kid THINGS that we need for a trip to just the grovery store!

Well back to school is just around the corner (all the moms cheering) and I want to give you some tips on how to make your morning routine a little easier so you can get out the door and on your way to school (without a tantrum AND on time)!

  1. Lay out clothes: Lay out YOUR clothes AND your children’s clothes the NIGHT BEFORE. Even better have your child pick out their clothes so there are no arguments in the morning.
  2. Make lunch and leave it in the fridge: Making lunch ahead of time is a HUGE time saver! Also, if your kids are old enough have them pitch in and help. I love the idea of getting storage bins for the fridge and labeling them with items like: sandwiches/ fruit/ drinks/ snacks- so your child can pick one item from each bin and pack their lunch in the matter of minutes!
  3. Pack a backpack and leave it-and anything else that needs to go to school-by the front door: Have everything packed up and ready to go by the front door so you don’t forget anything at the last minute. You can put the kids bags, your work bag and anything else you don’t want to forget by the front door.
  4. Get up 15 minutes earlier so you’re not rushed: This is one of my favorites from my signature program THE MAGIC MOM MORNING GUIDE. Waking up just 15-30 minutes before your kids/ family get up allows you to take your time getting ready and not feel rushed in the morning shuffle.
  5. Serve a healthy breakfast: Boil eggs on Sunday, make smoothie bags or overnight oats – these are all easy and healthy options to have for a grab and go breakfast in the morning for both mom and kiddos!
  6. Give your child a to-do list (with pictures if he can’t read yet) so you don’t have to nag him to get dressed, brush his teeth, or make his bed: It’s always great to get your kids feeling independent and responsible from an early age. Allowing them to do tasks on their own and have that feeling of accomplishment will allow you to have more time in the morning and create great lessons on independence and responsibility for them!
  7. Limit any distractions: turn off the TV, take away the phone/ iPad and don’t let any distractions take up your precious time in the morning.
  8. Give your child a big kiss before you say goodbye: Not dragging out the goodbyes will make saying goodbye a lot easier on both you and your child. Try giving them hugs and kisses before its actually time to say goodbye to prevent the meltdowns and tears when you do actually have to get going.

I’d love to hear from you about what some of your favorite or best practices are for getting out the door in the morning for school (or anytime)! I hope you all have an amazing rest of your summer and these tips come in handy while you get your little ones up and getting to start a new school year!


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