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Operation: HOT Mom Bod

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Ok ladies, so for the past 4 months (literally since I found out I was pregnant) I have been obsessed with researching healthy meals, snacks, shakes, drinks, workouts, etc that are safe, healthy and DELICIOUS for mama’s to be (and new moms)! I have downloaded countless apps to my phone, have been researching lots of articles as well as implementing my love and passion of health and nutrition into learning everything I can about having a healthy pregnancy AND shedding the weight quickly and safely AFTER baby! Now while this is all super new to me being a first time mom, remember I am just sharing MY OWN PERSONAL journey of what works for me, makes me feel amazing and using that information to pass on to you in the hopes that you can also have a healthy pregnancy and baby. This information that I am sharing is something I am passionate about and I am using the information that has made this process (SO FAR) pretty easy, fun and enjoyable as possible for me.

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I have to tell you, before I got pregnant I was SO worried about having my body change. As a women who is extremely into health and fitness the reality of having a belly for the first time in my life scared (the you know what out of) me! I knew I always wanted to have babies but the process of actually HAVING the baby seemed so scary to me! I am being open, honest and vulnerable with you all here so when I tell you this it’s not because I want you to think I am vain for saying this, I am saying this because it’s RAW and REAL! Does it sound selfish, maybe- but once I accepted the fact that not only could I have a healthy and active pregnancy but that I could also share this journey with others it made the thought of pregnancy all the more real to me and exciting to venture in to. So, as I mentioned before, I am going to share it all with you! I am sharing the products, recipes, foods I am eating and loving as well as the scary stuff that is REAL and no BS. I want to not only have the most healthy baby I can have and share how and what I’m doing that is working but my goal is to help YOU achieve the same thing! We all want to keep those sexy (pre baby) bodies for ourselves and our hubby’s but the reality of what I am learning is I can, YOU can, WE can as long as what we do before, during and after pregnancy is in check. NO, we are not eating for TWO, I REPEAT- WE ARE NOT EATING FOR TWO—at all, ever in this journey (don’t fall for that)! And the reality is also that the more active you are during pregnancy the better off you’ll be for delivery, after the baby is born AND you’ll be giving your baby SO many benefits before your little angel is even here that it will benefit from because you were active.

Here are just a couple of the stats I’ve researched that prove working out is super beneficial to you and your baby:



I also wanted to share with you two of my OPERATION HOT MOM BOD recipes that are great for a quick snack or even for breakfast in the morning! I have to say these protein muffins are AMAZING!! Super high in protein (obvi) but also low in calories (thank you egg whites)! My famous ShakeO bites can be done with any flavor of ShakeO. I love it with the vegan chocolate flavor the best but this is a “use what you have” recipe!


HMB1If you try out these recipes, comment below and let me know how you like them! Whether pregnant or not, these snacks are great for on the go or anytime of the day!

I have my ENTIRE OPERATION: HOT MOM BOD recipe book coming out SOON!! I am so excited to share with you the recipes that have made my pregnancy (so far) go as smoothly as possible. I have everything from BREAKFAST, LUNCH, DINNER and SNACKS! So stayed tuned!! I am looking forward to getting this guide out to you in the next couple of weeks. Message me or comment below on how YOUR pregnancy has been so far. I am a firm believer that what we put into our bodies and how we treat our bodies is what they will give back to us. Put GOOD in, get GOOD OUT! Put junk in….well you know!

Looking forward to hearing from YOU and how your journey has been so far!


xo sandi


  1. posted by
    Mar 23, 2017 Reply

    Love your post! I am currently 17 weeks and have always felt the same way about losing control of my body during pregnancy. Working out when I have had energy continues to pay off! I am interested in finding out what apps you have found helpful so far. Ovia, The Bump, and Baby Center are all fun ways I’ve been tracking so far.

    • posted by
      Mar 23, 2017 Reply

      Thanks hun! So the apps I use are: Pregnancy+, What to Expect, My Baby, Baby Center, Ovia & NutriMom. I know a little crazy but I love all of them for different reasons! Do you feel pregnant yet at 17 weeks?

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