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Finally Feeling Pregnant & 10X Growth Con!

Happy Monday, all! How was your weekend? Mine was AMAZING!! I got to be in a room all weekend Friday through Sunday of inspiring entrepreneurs, business builders and watched some pretty incredible presenters share their knowledge on how to GROW and BUILD your business! I know 10X Growth Con was not only a game changer for me, but so many people in the room!

I was fortunate enough to meet some of the greats like:

Tim Grover






















Russell Brunson


















Lewis Howes


















And of course I was so proud to sit in the crowd and watch my handsome hubby take the stage!!












I have to give huge props to Grant Cardone and the 10X team who did such an amazing job pulling off 10X Growth Con in just 3 months! The lineup of speakers, the energy in the room and the knowledge and inspiration being shared was incredible!!

My 1st Belly Bump Rub Picture:

















While the weekend was VERY EARLY mornings and very long days you couldn’t tell that most people were up at 6am (or before) and going to bed at who knows what time (its Miami) but each day the crowd was at 100% and everyone had tons of energy and drive! While I did try and truck through each day as I much as I could, I really started to feel pregnant this week! I’m not sure if the early mornings and long days had anything to do with it but between my sciatica STILL causing me SO MUCH PAIN and getting tired much faster than normal- it made it difficult to really be at my best for the event. The team was amazing!! Every staff member was asking if I needed anything, if there was anything they could do, if I was OK, so I was in GREAT hands and even though my hubby had MASSIVE responsibility this weekend he made sure to check in with me every few hours just to make sure I was doing ok!

As I’ve mentioned before, my pregnancy so far as been pretty drama and pain free. Very little morning sickness/ nausea, just a few days of dizziness but the back pain has been the WORST!! The chiropractor has been working wonders for me so I continue with that as well as the hot showers and icing my back. The one symptom that really scared me this week was a pulsing, almost like a muscle tightening and releasing in my stomach. While I was sitting listening to one of the speakers, I had to get up and walk about because there was so much pain in my stomach. I think the early mornings, long days and lack of sleep contributed to this but I actually watched in one of my pregnancy apps this morning that this pain is totally normal. The call it, “round ligament pain”. Google describes it as: a sharp pain or jabbing feeling often felt in the lower belly or groin area on one or both sides. It is one of the most common complaints during pregnancy and is considered a normal part of pregnancy. It is most often felt during the second trimester.

I have to say any little thing in my body I notice right away. I am very in tune with my body how it operates and what’s going on. With pregnancy I feel like I worry all the time. “Is the baby ok in there” “Is his/her heart still beating” “Is it getting all the right nutrients I can give to it” I constantly just want to be reassured that everything is ok in there so when I get a super odd and painful feeling in my stomach…I bet you can imagine that makes me a little nervous. I don’t know if any of you other first time mommas out there can relate to this? Drop me a comment or shoot me a message and let me know if you went through the same thing! Everything at this point is SO new to me, I just am constantly thinking “is everything ok??”

In other fun news, I have a pregnancy craving guide coming out that I am putting together. A HEALTHY one of course! Craving salty or sweet foods- don’t go off the rails with cookies/ cake and ice cream- I have your guide to all things healthy pregnancy snacking cravings! So make sure you’re subscribed to my blog for when that comes out!

So I want to hear from you! For all my other mommas out there- were you constantly worried about making sure baby was ok in there? In the second trimester, what were some fun things for you to do and what was a bit more challenging? I can’t wait to hear your feedback and connect with you to see how YOUR journey is going! 

xo sandi


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    Mar 20, 2017 Reply

    Almost half way!! I was just like you… it was a constant worry of is everything ok? And then waiting for the next appointment to hear the heartbeat and that sense of reassurement that yes, it was all fine. I also got round ligament pain, and it is scary especially when it’s so new and every little twinge throws you into a panic. The one thing that really helped me to relax was to just trust that I was doing everything in my power to provide the healthiest environment for my little one and the rest was out of my hands. Also once you start feeling the baby move it’s a blessing and a curse haha. It was very comforting feeling my little one kicking around… on the flip side when she was quiet for hours on end I would get worried. But such is the life of a mother… you’re constantly worried about your children!

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