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Life Update: How I’m Navigating Health, Wellness, and Being a Super-Mom

My Super-Mom Wellness Hacks

Do you feel like your to-do list is running the show and your energy levels are dwindling? 

Recently, I asked a poll on my Instagram about what you wanted to hear about from me, and the poll results have led me to these health and wellness hacks that have completely transformed my life and sky-rocketed my energy levels. 

Poll Questions: Your Insights and My Take

In a world where we’re all wearing multiple hats, balancing life’s demands, and chasing dreams, it can get overwhelming. So, I turned to you with these three polls, asking what you want to know about:

  • Question 1. Traveling with Kids vs. Gluten-Free Journey vs. Running Business While on Vacation

I was genuinely intrigued to know what piques your interest the most. To my surprise, the “Gluten-Free Journey” emerged as the clear winner. Now, let me tell you, this topic isn’t just about food; it’s a lifestyle choice woven into my overall wellness journey.

My gluten-free journey started when I began to notice how gluten weighed me down, both physically and mentally. Can you relate? Cutting out gluten has been a game-changer, and I can’t wait to share more about how it intertwines with travel and daily life.

During my daily life I completely cut out gluten and I feel so much better physically and mentally! I feel like I have more energy throughout the day, and am more productive and in a better mood. Of course, on my recent trip to Italy I allowed myself to take a piece of pastries, or pasta, and I’m not guilty about it.


  • Question 2. Workout Routine vs. What I Eat in a Day vs. Summer Workout Schedule

For the next question, I centered it around health and fitness. Fitness and nutrition are critical aspects of our lives. For this question interestingly, “What I Eat in a Day” garnered the most votes.

 Dietary choices have a profound impact on our overall well-being. Soon, I’ll open up about my daily nutrition choices, shedding light on how they complement my gluten-free journey and contribute to my overall health. So, SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel for updates on my What I Eat in a Day content coming up soon. 

  • Question 3. Goal Planning vs. Back to School Tips for Working Moms vs. Balancing Work, Travel, and Kids

Lastly, I inquired about your interests in personal and professional growth. “Goal Planning” emerged as the clear favorite.

Goal planning holds a special place in my heart. It’s all about setting clear intentions, a practice I follow diligently to harmonize my roles as a mother, business owner, and frequent traveler. Keep an eye out for upcoming content on this topic!

The Vitamin Secret

Now, let’s delve into something that’s truly transformed my life and my overall health and wellness.  – vitamins and supplements. 

After I had my second son, Jordy- I was feeling exhausted, no energy, brain fog, and my hormones were all over the place. 

I spoke with human biologist, Gary Brecka who runs 10X Health, and he assured me that if I took this genetic test and started taking the right vitiating for my body I would turn into a super mom. And he was right. 

These supplements, tailored to my unique needs based on my blood work, have turned my life around. They’ve supercharged my energy levels, sharpened my mental clarity, and fueled my overall performance. Whether it’s a comprehensive multivitamin, vitamin D for energy, or BPC157 for tissue recovery, each plays a vital role in maintaining my well-being. 

So, I had to let you in on my secret – the 10X Genetic Test. It’s as simple as a cheek swab that will tell you everything you need to know about your genes and their impact on your well-being. It revealed the hidden culprits behind issues like weight, energy, anxiety, and more. This has been the biggest life-changer, and I’m on a mission to share it with every mom out there. 

Say goodbye to the daily struggle and get your 10X Genetic Test today HERE.

Being a high performer means optimizing every facet of your life, not just excelling in one area. Life throws challenges our way, but it’s those tough choices, the ones that push us out of our comfort zones, that truly define us.

My Challenge to You: Embrace the challenges, prioritize self-care, and take those steps towards a healthier, happier, and more balanced life. It’s a journey we’re all on together, and the rewards are worth every effort.

So, here’s to conquering our days, day in and day out! Check out the full PODCAST EPISODE or YOUTUBE VIDEO for more tips that I shared on these poll topics!

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