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Enjoy 4th of July AND Stay on Track with Your Healthy Lifestyle

The Fourth of July is here which means 🎇Family🔴Friends⚪️Fireworks🔵Food🎇

🎉Even though today can be a holiday that’s based around BBQ’s and food- you need to make sure you’re staying on track today.
📝Here are my top tips to enjoy the #FourthofJuly holiday and stay on track with your healthy lifestyle:

1️⃣. Stay hydrated: Drink lots of water as soon as you get up and throughout the day. Before any alcoholic bev’s you have to down 8 oz of water!

2️⃣Dont skip your workout AND get it in early: NO excuses today, get that workout in and out of the way so you can enjoy your holiday with family and friends.
3️⃣Bring a healthy option to your BBQ: If you’re going to a BBQ you won’t be able to guarantee a healthy option. Take a dish of your own to ensure that there is something healthy to snack on.
4️⃣Protein and Veggies Most: Before you dive into mashed potatoes, beans, fruit, cake, beer, etc you need to start with Protein and Veggies! Fill your plate with protein and veggies first THEN you can go for a side dish if you’re still hungry. •
🎉Follow these tips today and enjoy a healthy and happy holiday with friends and family!

👇🏼Comment below what tips you would add to this list! 


Eat this Not that 4th of July Addition:

Healthy Snacks: Veggie Plate instead of Chips

Main Course: Double Up on the protein with either chicken or a burger instead of burger with a bun

Side Dishes: Mixed veggies instead of potato salad

Drink Options: Water First THEN vodka with soda water instead of sugar margaritas or beer

Desserts: Fruit option instead of sugary sweet desserts like cakes and cookies

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