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Planning out our content for a successful month and YEAR doesn’t have to be hard but it does take time and discipline to get it done and achieve those massive, juicy goals we set out for ourselves!

On Thursday I spoke with a group of women all about how to CREATE THEIR BEST YEAR EVER!

I shared with them how to effectively plan out your content, how to reach your goals sooner (than you ever though possible), how to get more done, how to identify your goals AND time suckers and how to get MORE DONE IN LESS TIME all while showing up fulfilled and living a life ON PURPOSE!!

I want to share a little something with you. 

One of the women who showed up has seen me speak before.

She reached out to me after Thursday’s event and I want to share with you the convo that we had…

It is my PASSION and PURPOSE to speak to women like YOU who are wanting to not just do more but be productive and live the most fulfilled lives and versions of yourselves.

As women we are already so powerful and when we can step into the MOST POWERFUL version of ourselves by being productive, effective and efficient- we get more done, are more productive and can be the most fulfilled versions of ourselves! Which in turn leads us to live the most fulfilled lives as women in business, wives or partners, mothers/ caregivers and friends.

SO I challenge you all to continue investing YOURSELVES!

SHOW UP, get to those events and then get to some more, meet other women with the same success mindset you are looking to surround yourself with, continue growing and learning EVERY DAY!

So if I haven’t met or seen you yet at any of the events I’ve spoken at I promise to keep you in the loop and updated so we CAN connect and you CAN start building the tools to reach that HIGHEST LEVEL version of yourself!

I also wanted to mention how you can become a part of PROJECT IN CHARGE.

PROJECT IN CHARGE is a group of success-minded women who have a platform and place to get together where you receive access to private FB Community, weekly LIVE coaching sessions, LIVE Q&A’s, a supportive community of members (many of which are local), daily check in’s from your coaches, first access to LIVE events and/or discounts to any of the events the coaches participate in.

Click the link HERE to get more info and details on PROJECT IN CHARGE.

We have many exciting events, retreats and projects coming up that we cant wait to share with you!

Have a wonderful weekend, ladies and thank you again for connecting, being so open and investing in yourselves to step into that next level version of YOURSELVES!

I am here to support you in any way I can!

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