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I recently shared on IG, my (very selfish) fears about becoming pregnant- but I know I’m not alone. I was always very into eating healthy, working out and taking care of my body. I always fueled my body with healthy foods and gave my body the time it needed to get in a good sweat sesh for the benefits of both mind and body. After I got married I knew that both my husband and I wanted to have kids but still the thought of growing a belly, gaining weight and seeing the number on the scale rise did not seem appealing to me- AT ALL. Obviously, I knew if we wanted to have kids that that is what comes along with the territory but I still felt like I was giving up such a huge part of me and what I was so focused on (health and fitness/ my body). Before becoming pregnant and having my baby I thought that once you have a baby- it all goes downhill from there and I was determined NOT to let that happen.

One I became pregnant something in me totally shifted. If I thought that I had ate healthy before my pregnancy- I really kicked it up a notch and went full on health nut. Not only did everything I eat now become super healthy, organic, Non-GMO, pesticide/ antibiotic/ hormone free blah blah blah— I now changed ALL my products to organic. Everything from makeup, hairspray, lotions, cleaning supplies, etc. I was on a mission that anything I put on, in or near my body needed to be clean for both me and my baby. It wasn’t so much now about being fit as it was being healthy. My mind set now changed into being the healthiest I could be for my baby. I watched a documentary that said there were over 200 chemicals found in a newborns umbilical cord blood! WHAT? How could that be? A newborn baby who hasn’t even been exposed to the outside world yet- where were these chemicals coming from? They were coming from the mother who used products that contained chemicals in everyday products like her makeup, lotions and even plastic bottles.

Nonetheless, I was even more dedicated now to living a healthy lifestyle more so for the benefits my baby would receive than about me seeing a 6 pack again.

Once my baby was born and I was past the dreaded 4th trimester (more on that later)- I was able to focus on me a bit. I was slowly able to ease back into my workouts and get that rush again from a great workout. As I mentioned before- workouts for me are so much more about both the mind and body benefits I get. I find that working out helps to kick anxiety and worry to the curb (most of the time), helps me get more focused and feel like I’ve done something great for me each day. But now I was ready to get my body back again. As much as I was worried about getting pregnant and losing my body, I knew that I was going to make it a priority to get my body back. I didn’t gain a ton of weight while I was pregnant.  I still continued to work out everyday AND eat healthy while I was pregnant. I was on a mission to prove to moms everywhere that YOU CAN HAVE THE BABY AND THE BODY! You need to just focus on having a healthy pregnancy and then once baby is here and you’re ready to get back on board- then you can work on getting that body back again.

Here’s the catch: it’t not as easy as just have baby and lose all the weight. You need to be consciously staying healthy BOTH during and after pregnancy. Everything you do during pregnancy will either help contribute to an easier or a harder labor/ delivery AND recovery. EVERYTHING! Every bite you put in your mouth, every day you don’t stay active or workout- it all adds up. And you need to know what you’re doing- it’s not just ok, “I’ll eat less” like you may have done in dieters land past. No, now you have a baby and at some point in your pregnancy you actually need more calories than not…but wait- YOU’RE NOT EATING FOR TWO!! Yes, it’s a whole new ball game now and I want to help be your coach!

My mission to prove to moms everywhere that YOU CAN HAVE THE BABY AND THE BODY!

I know this is possible because I did it myself!

Want to know something else? I am actually in better shape now than before I got pregnant. I now understand how food works, how to move your body for in each  trimester, what to eat and HOW MUCH to eat when- PLUS, how to get your body back after! I am happy to say that not only did I have an extremely healthy pregnancy and baby but I also was able to bounce back better and faster post pregnancy.

My mission is to be able to share with every single women who wants to have a baby but is scared of the weight gain, scared of the unknowns that come along with pregnancy to let her know that she CAN do it and she can bounce back better even AFTER HER PREGNANCY.

Are you a mama or know a mama who would love to have healthy meals, workouts and support system during her pregnancy or postpartum? I have two things for you:

  1. My FREE Operation: Hot Mom Body Facebook Group: Join me and other healthy mamas here who will share our very own experiences in motherhood with everything from healthy eating, products that work (and don’t), an amazing support system and moms who have gone through or are going through where you are now!
  2. 1:1 Coaching Option: I now am opening up my very own one on one coaching program for moms who are pregnant or postpartum (up to 4 months PP). I will be able to walk you through week by week and help you with workouts, meal plans, shopping lists, answer your pregnancy or post partum questions as well as be there as your personal pregnancy guide.  I will show you exactly what I did during my pregnancy to ensure a healthy weigh gain (not going off the rails and gaining more weight than needed), keep up a safe and active lifestyle as well as how to get your body back AFTER baby! To get started, Email me at We will spend 12 weeks together getting you ready for everything you need to know, what you need to pack in your hospital bag, birth plan, classes, getting back to work, breastfeeding and get your pre baby body back.

If you’re ready to give both you and your baby the healthy start you need- I am ready to work with you. Know that you CAN have both your baby AND body! You got this mama! Email me and let’s chat!


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