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Life Hacks for Working Moms

Today I want to give you a few hacks to OPTIMIZE your time as a mom working from home (or really any busy HIGH PERFORMER)

1)  Organization Center:

One of the most crucial parts of my house is my organization center. I keep there my keys (so I don’t have to search all over for them in panic in the morning) and a little board where we put small notes for each other. We also have a mail center where we keep all our letters in the same place, so we can handle them when we have time. We also have our scheduler there with our different schedules (my son’s school calendar, my own calendar together with that for Jordy and Jake, and my groceries list). I promise you, this makes things so much EASIER! 

2) Command Station:

This is the station where Jake puts his backpack when he comes home from school, where I keep all the diapers and all the little last-minute things I will use in the morning when we are rushing out (the brush, the hair gel). As well as that, we have our umbrellas, masks and shoes there. This makes your life so much easier (especially when you are in a hurry early in the morning)!


3) Last minute party invitation SAVER:

You know how sometimes you get a last-minute invitation? Or you got one a month ago but completely forgot? Let me share with you a GAME-CHANGING solution for those moments. Get yourself a box with cards for every single occasion (I got mine from Amazon), so you are never UNPREPARED. 

I also always keep extra tissue paper at home, and extra gift bags. I also go one step further and have some extra gifts on hand. 


4) The mail delivery services:

Make the best use and utilise all the delivery services you have available to you. Book them, schedule them, and you don’t have to worry about that task anymore, and can actually focus on the important business tasks you need to get done. That’s the only way of SMART MULTITASKING that truly maximizes your time!


5) Pre-cut veggies and fruits:

I am telling you, this is a HUGE game changer when you are in a rush in the morning or at dinner time. I buy my fruits and veggies pre-cut or cut them myself ahead of time, so I always have a healthy snack for my kids on hand. 


The last two tips (including some hacks on how I manage to fit in personal development time every day) can be found on my Youtube channel. Go watch the full video on the topic and tell me which was your favourite!

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