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How My Kids Are My Jet Fuel to My Success

As a mom, you are most certainly someone who wears multiple hats. I know I am. But this is why it is essential that your kids are your JET FUEL, your motivation to strive forward. Not your EXCUSE. 


Have you heard yourself use any of those EXCUSES? 

“I didn’t work out because my kids got up.”

“I didn’t hit my business goal because I was busy with my kids.”

“I didn’t have time to focus on myself because of my kids.”


Let’s debunk some of those MYTHS!

I want to share with you how I personally worked through some of those things in order to show you that it is possible to create the life you WANT to live, have the relationships you WANT to have, or the things you WANT to have. Because you DESERVE this! So, let’s dive in!


1) Health:

Prior to kids, I’d wake up whenever I wanted to and fit in a workout whenever I could in my schedule. But after my kids, I became really intentional about HOW and WHEN I work out. And my GAME CHANGER for this is very simple.

What I started to do was getting up BEFORE my kids wake up, in fact, before anyone else is up. 

And if you are thinking: “Ah, but I’m not a morning person.”, let me tell you, neither am I. I don’t think anyone is a morning person. Who likes getting out of the comfort of their cozy bed while it’s still dark outside? No one. So we are all on the same page!

But when you start getting up early, you realise that this is YOUR TIME! 

I like to set my alarm at 5:45 and then work out from 6 to 7. That is my ME TIME. Then I get the breakfast started, and the day begins. But it’s crucial to have this first part of the morning for yourself, so you can feel ready to CRUSH the day. 

So get your WORKOUT first thing in the morning. Do this hard task first so you can get it out of your way! 

And this is my SECRET: I use my kids as my motivation to do that. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be waking up at 5:45 to do that. They are my REASON why. 


2) Business:

My kids are my jet fuel in my business EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

My time is very valuable as I want to spend as much of it with them. The reason I work for myself is precisely this, to have the FREEDOM to control my day. This forces me to be more PRODUCTIVE and to have all those schedules in my business and my personal life.

My kids are my TEACHERS. As much as I help them and teach them things, they are doing that for me. And one of those big lessons is in TIME MANAGEMENT. If I want to run my business, be a present and intentional mother and wife, then I need to be clear and strict with my BOUNDARIES. 

Here is my CHALLENGE for you: What in your life, in your business or with your schedule can you take a clear look at and tell yourself you need to button up?


3) Relationships:

Your kids see and learn from your relationships. As an example, the other night my husband and I were dancing in the kitchen, and Jake and Jordy see these things, they see the love. I take my boys on little date nights for our one-on-one time. Once I took Jake to the movies, and he turned to me and said: “Mom, I need to get your flowers.” He sees our relationship, and he knows what it is to be a gentleman. And my JOB as a mom is to build up and raise my boys as GENTLEMEN. 

And the way I do this is by having this great relationship with my husband and showing them what that looks like.

So use your children as your MOTIVATION to have and create those meaningful, healthy and intentional relationships. And that is true not only for romantic relationships but for your FRIENDSHIPS as well.


4) Purpose & Passion:

It’s very important for me as a mom that I know what my BIG PLAY is. So I challenge you to dig deep and find what your PASSION is. And for me, I’m able to define this by thinking about what I want for me, for my kids, for my family. 

When you identify your PURPOSE and PASSION, not only YOU will be happier, but your kids will be HAPPIER too. So INVEST in yourself! Start small. Start with an audiobook or a podcast, or check Slay Your Day. 

Now get all those departments we talked about, put them together and lay out what your ideal, PICTURE-PERFECT VISION looks like. Then tie in how you are going to make it a REALITY. How are you going to make it work AS A MOM. Start to shift the focus from “I have to do this” to “I GET to do this”; and from “my kids are my excuse” to “my kids are my JET FUEL“. And I promise you, you will be LASER FOCUSED and will feel a lot happier and more accomplished. 


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