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New Year, New YOU: Getting Those New Year’s Intentions to Stick

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How You Can Get Those New Year’s Intentions To Stick

According to recent statistics, nearly half of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, but only 8% (YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT 8%) are able to keep them. So what gives? Researchers have long explored the nature of motivation—and how best to achieve and maintain goals. Some studies have found that writing intentions down and sharing them with friends (HELLO accountability partner) can pave the way to success, and other research suggests that setting challenging intentions is the key to desired change.

The bottom line is it comes down to what works for you as an individual, along with the good news that yes, your resolutions and goals—dreams!—are possible to reach. Here’s a little look deeper in to 5 New Year resolution goals that you can implement AND TIPS TO STICK WITH!

  1. Get More Sleep

    Use your phone or Fitbit tracker to keep a consistent sleep schedule—one that lets you get 8 to 9 hours of sleep a night. Set to vibrate when it’s time for me to sleep, and gently buzz when it’s time to wake up. By tracking your sleep progress and sticking to a schedule where you are getting to bed and waking up at the same time, this can help your body and internal clock get used to a routine sleep schedule.

  2. Drink More Water

    Prioritize drinking water early in the day! Drink your water first thing in the morning. When you wake up down your first 8oz of water to get your body going. Also, make this a habit and routine so you never miss a morning without getting that 8 oz of water in FIRST! Also, make sure to fill up a water bottle as soon as you get to work, before you turn on my computer and anytime you get up to use the bathroom or head to the copy room. Just doing these simple acts every morning and throughout the day will help you to drink more water. Another tip, set a reminder on your phone to drink water every 30 minutes!

  3. Exercise (and Get Outside) Daily

    Do you realize that moving daily is vital to your health? Yes, not just waling from your car to your house or work but ACTUALLY getting in a good sweat and AT LEAST 10,000 steps A DAY! Have you ever noticed when your body is inactive you can experience everything from fatigue, moodiness and sometimes, even getting physically sick. That’s because our bodies CRAVE AND NEED MOTION! Fit tip: get a FITBIT and track your steps daily. Not only is this a great tool for tracking steps but it can also track the two steps we already covered above; sleep and water intake! Have you ever noticed how amazing you feel after your workout? Keep THAT thought in your head when you’re thinking that you would rather pass on today’s workout. Think the thoughts of accomplishment and how amazing you feel after you got that workout in, NOT about how much you are going to dread just getting started.

  4. Writing Out Your Daily Goals & Affirmations

    You’ve heard Tony Robbins say it, you’ve heard Grant Cardone preach it and you know that the GREAT’S do it! By writing out your daily goals (NOT ONCE, BUT TWICE A DAY) this will allow you to see your goals DAILY on what you want to achieve and HOW you are going to achieve it. Furthermore, by having a mission statement or repeating words of affirmation to yourself will only allow your body to radiate with positive vibes and thoughts throughout the day. Keep a journal by your bed so first thing in the morning you are able to jot what you need to get done down as well as your BIG, JUICY goals that you have for yourself as well.

  5. Have More Family Time

    Dedicate time either before of after dinner to connecting with those you love. Put the phones and computers away (toss them in a drawer if you have to) and connect with your partner, kids, family, etc. The stresses of work and day to day activities can be draining but there is nothing more important than connecting with those we love. Pick a book that you can read with your husband or wife, map out your relationship goals together, talk about where you want to be as a family in 3 months/ 6 months/ next year. The bigger you can create those dreams TOGETHER the more everyone will be on the same page working towards those goals together!


I’d love to hear more on what some of YOUR New Year’s Resolutions and GOALS are! Comment below and let’s chat about what goals you are going to crush in 2017!

xo sandi

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