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HEALTHY snack ideas… whether you’re pregnant or not!

healthy snack ideas


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Last night I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Chelsea and Martin Matthews on their show #MatthewsAfterDark. We were talking all things fit pregnancy, health and fitness. One of the questions that came up was what are some of my favorite go to healthy snacks! I was able to share of fear of my favorites but really wanted to give you all a few more savory AND sweet options for when it’s that time of the day to grab a little treat. There is nothing wrong with snacking we just have to make sure we are not going off the rails with snacks and treats that will throw off the entire days worth of healthy eating and exercise out the window.

Me personally, I have a sweet tooth but since being pregnant I really go for the salty/ savory snacks. I share with you my list here of both. I hope this helps (especially around that 3 o’clock slump) get you through the day and gives you healthier snack options to reach for.  These options are especially great for pregnancy because they are all packed with extra added nutrients for you and your baby.

  1. Banana and peanut butter (optional: top with trail mix)
  2. Frozen Granola Yogurt Cups 
  3. Gluten free rice cakes with nut butter of choice and sliced bananas
  4. hard Boiled Eggs (Tip: Take an entire container of eggs and hard boil all at once. After you boil eggs, take right out of hot water and submerge into ice water. As soon as eggs cool, peel right away and store)
  5. Sliced Apples with nut butter of choice
  6. Homemade Trail Mix (Tip: Do not buy trail mix already made from store. It’s loaded which sugar! Buy your own ingredients and make your own!)
  7. My famous protein pancakes 
  8. Apple or fruit of choice and cheese stick
  9. Organic, plain yogurt topped with fruit (can add cinnamon for added flavor)
  10. Air popped popcorn (can add in fruit for both a sweet and salty treat)
  11. Smoothie or Shakeology Shake
  12. Shakeology energy bites (my fave)
  13. Cut up veggies- carrots, celery, bell peppers and hummus

BONUS SNACK: Shakeology Snack Pops and Chocolate Chip Protein Cookie Dough

Make sure to let me know if you try and of these or feel free to share your own sweet and savory HEALTHY snack ideas as well! The more the merrier! 

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