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So, When Does Having A Baby Get Easier?




So last night I made a post about a few thoughts I wanted to share with you about this whole mom business thang. Unfortunately, when you write too many characters in a post IG cuts you off. So to share with you the full 411 of my thoughts on this topic I’m coming here to chat with you. (And I’d love for you to comment below and share in on the conversation!)

So as I was writing in my IG post, the first few months as a new mom (for me) were anything but what you see in the movies with a peaceful, sleeping baby in his crib. My little lovie (I swear) never slept for the first I’d say 3-4 months. He would take cat naps throughout the day. Just enough time for me to start something and NOT get anywhere near finishing it. This mom business was so new and unfamiliar to me. After ALL the baby classes I took (bringing home baby, CPR/ first aid, breastfeeding classes, mommy and daddy preparedness class and on and on)- nothing can really prepare you for the real deal! I did decide to breastfeed (for as long as I could which was about 5.5 months) but for the first 4 months I was a hormonal mess. You know those tv shows or movies where the post pregnant lady is crying over a bowl of mac and cheese (or insert ANY THING RELATED TO BABIES, PUPPIES, FAMILY, ETC HERE) yea, that was me. It seemed like almost anything would trigger me to get emotional. At times I felt like WHAT IN THE HECK WERE WE THINKING bringing a baby into this world?? Who are we to take on this HUGE responsibility?? Everything from whether you do or don’t vaccinate your kids to private or public schools, to even which diapers or baby wash are organic or safe enough- it all scared me because even the littlest decisions felt like I it was life or death decisions. Of course we all want the best for our babies but between not sleeping, the hormones and trying to figure new mom life out I was lost. I thought to myself…


Well mama, I want to give you my honest opinion. Here’s the bad news, and the GOOD NEWS…. IT DOESN’T GET EASIER, YOU GET BETTER!

Say what???

Yes, you start to learn who your baby is. What he/she likes. What makes them happy, what makes them cry, what makes them laugh uncontrollably. You become more confident in yourself as a mom! The dishes and laundry will still pile up and you will still question yourself on a daily basis of how to get it all done (and if what you’re doing is right). You will still struggle with deciding to take a nap yourself when baby sleeps or take a shower, do the dishes, fold the laundry…really anything else other than sleep! But the beauty in all of this is that you learn SO much about yourself that you never knew before. You realize that the hours of time you took to get ready in the past now you can get ready in 30 minutes, you can multi-task like a BOSS and at the end of the day when you are rocking your little on in the chair and staring down at him, you know that this is literally the greatest love there is in the world and nothing else matters. Not the dishes, not the laundry, not the fact that you haven’t showered in days- this right here- just the silence of the world, you and your baby.

Because even when you feel like you’re in the trenches at 1 month, 2 months, 3 months and so on you know that you will never get this time back. Once that newborn stage is gone, it’s gone. And in my opinion, I feel like I really started to get into the groove of things after about 4 months. That’s when the dust seemed to settle, I got my baby into a routine where I knew when he would be hungry, tired, ready to play, etc.

So there is my two sense on the matter. Yes, the newborn stage is hard. And if you’re a mom-to-be reading this just know that whatever your expectations are going in to motherhood- they will be completely wrong in every way. It will be WAY harder than you ever imagined, it will challenge you in ways you never thought possible but it will also be a love greater than you could ever imagine as well.


I’d love to hear from you and what your experience was/ IS as a new mom. Us moms need to stick together. We need to share the good, the bad, the ugly on everything from feeding/ sleeping tips to what products are MUST HAVE’s and which ones are a total waste of money. How to get motivated to get our pre baby bodies back after baby and really just be there as a support system for each other in any way we can! So if you are a mom or you know a mom who could benefit from a group like this, I’d love for you to join me in my FB group HERE!! I can’t wait to meet and connect with you there!

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