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Why Finding Your Tribe Is The Key To Your Success

Forget social media growth hacks, trying to figure out the ever changing algorithm and all the other crazy marketing and sales strategies people try and sell you these days. If you want to create a REAL, authentic, engaging brand then I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend that you get in with THIS new trend- invest in creating and building relationships with other like-minded boss babe girlfriends. I mean these are the girls that are crazy enough to come to our side to run to the nearest beach or park and snap hundreds of photos for us just for 1 or 2 pics to post up on the gram. These are the girls that invite us to local networking events and shot up with an extra skinny, almond milk, sugar-free, calorie free, blah blah blah in hand. These are the girl friends that JUST GET US!!

Listen, I love my alone time (what little time I do get being a mama) but finding my girl tribe to share my massive goals with, plan lunch and coffee dates with where we mastermind greatness together and where we show up for each other when it REALLY MATTERS-  THESE relationships are the ones that I am investing in in 2019.

I went to a women’s event last weekend and we all talked about what intentions we were setting for 2019. I have many but one in particular that I did share was making an effort, an actual effort to get around other like minded boss babes in 2019. Other women that expect GREATNESS in themselves and in others. Women that have such MASSIVE goals anyone that thinks small couldn’t possibly enjoy in the conversation and to invest back in the women that INVEST in me. I think as “easy” as it is these days to connect with women across all social media platforms there is also a very lonely space as well. We can feel oversaturated with information only to be left feeling like all these girls are out there and why can’t I FIND THEM??

Well I wanted to do something about that. I want to show the universe I mean business and continue smashing my 2019 resolutions and goals. I’ve already started off with a freaking ROCKSTAR start (see Magic Mom Morning Guide) so I want to keep the momentum going.

One of my close gfs and I are hosting an event right here in South Florida on Saturday, January 19th. The event is called Coffee & Connections. The idea: get around other like-minded women who want to grow their personal brands, personal lives, finances and relationships in 2019. I mean it’s like asking “would you want to make more money?” It’s pretty much a no brainer!

So if you’re in the South Florida area on January 19th and your a woman all about expansion, growth mindset, goals and connecting with other boss babes on a mission I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE for you to join us! Here is all the details of the event:

I will be helping you map out your Magic (Mom) Morning. This will help you put actionable steps into place to set your mornings and days up for success. I will also help you create and map out your social media content in one hour for the entire month! You’ll be able to take these strategies and use them over and over again to create endless amounts of content and value for your social platforms!

Bethany will be sharing her IG Growth Strategy plan with you. She will share tips on how to grow your account, authentically engage and grow your social following. She will also share relationship building strategies that will help you learn how to engage with your followers as well as create valuable relationships on social media.

So let’s grab a coffee and start connecting! Speaking of coffee I am so excited to announce that Dunkin Donuts will be the coffee sponsor for this event! Dunkin is such a huge support of women in business and we are super pumped to be teaming up with them for this event!

To grab your tickets click HERE

I would love to hear from you! What are you intentions for 2019? How do you feel about finding and collaborating with other boss babes?

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