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A question I get asked a lot by the moms I work with is: “How do you do it all?” On one hand I want to THANK THESE moms for making me feel like I LOOK like I have it all together and on the other hand I want to shake them because NO ONE has it all…all the time. The truth of the matter is- we can HAVE IT ALL, we just need to decide what needs our time, attention and focus at the moment.

For me, I schedule out my days.

Early mornings are for working out and the later part of the morning until about 3pm I’m in “work mode”. After that I’m full on in “mom mode”. When I’m in my office my attention is on my clients, emails, podcasting, creating content, planning, writing blogs and newsletters but when I’m in “mom mode” is ALL Jakey time! NO EMAILS, no work texts, no attention on “work” related matters because my time is on my son. This helps me to be ALL in on getting what I need to get accomplished AND making sure each task has my full attention.

‍♀️Mama, I’d love to hear from you on how you juggle it all!

‍♀️Oh! And one last thing…NEVER, EVER, EVER feel GUILTY for taking care of you or like you don’t have time to take care of YOUR OWN NEEDS!! It’s beyond important for mama to pour back into herself so she can serve and take care of everyone else!! Remember that, mama!

Here is your permission slip from me to you to fill your own cup and take care of yourself TOO!!


If you’re serious about filling your own cup and taking care of YOU (to take care of everyone else) SCREEN SHOT the permission slip above and share with me on IG! (@SandiGlandt) I want you to put a stake in the ground and claim your abundance, success and happiness!!

⤵️I want to hear from you too, mama! Comment below and share with me how YOU DO IT ALL!!

P.S. If you want to join us in my private FB group The Modern Moms Club– check us out here! We share tips on success, products, mom advice and MUCH MORE!

Also, The Modern Moms Club Podcast is a great place to get tips, tricks and great advice from other moms in the trenches figuring it all out! You can find the podcast on iTunes or CLICK HERE!

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