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7 Tips to Keep Your SANITY (and actually have FUN) as a Mom

I want to share with you 7 of my favorite tips that will help keep your SANITY as a mom. These tips will help you to actually ENJOY motherhood and get you through those moments when it seems like the day is never ending. At the end of the day, we’re are all doing the best job we can do and we all want the best for our kids. Remember, this time is fleeting so enjoy the moments- big and small and at the end of the day just HAVE FUN! Our kids are great at showing us this and we should take a lesson from THEM!

Let’s dive in to the 7 tips to keep your SANITY (and actually have FUN) as a mom!

1. Let it go.

It’s ok to let things slide from time to time. I know some situations may seem like a big deal in the moment but at the end of the day will a mess at the dinner table or spilt cup of milk on the floor (not breast milk though, that ISH is GOLD) be the end of the world? No! I like to ask myself this question: will it matter 5 minutes from now? Will it matter 5 days from now? Will it matter 5 years from now? If the answer to this is no- move on and LET IT GO!

2. Don’t play the comparison game

Always remember no one wins when you compare and it just drains your energy. Don’t compare how you are as a mom vs what Suzy down the street is doing as a mom, don’t compare what you are buying or not buying for your kids VS what other moms are buying don’t compare your Childs abilities (when they walk/ talk/ etc) compared to other kids their age- height/ weight, etc- it’s all irrelevant. Focus on what your baby IS doing and the WINS YOU are having and you will be a much happier mama!

3. Quit trying to be the perfect mother.

There’s literally no such thing as the perfect mom. We all are trying to juggle the household duties, relationships with our husbands or S/O’s, staying healthy, remembering to eat and drink enough water, taking our vitamins, cleaning the house, having clean laundry- I mean, I could write a novel on what a mothers tasks are but I’ll spare you the time. Just remember as long as you are being the BEST mom YOU can be and your Childs basic need are being met- you are rocking it!

4. Give your littles ones space.

Protecting our children is just a mothers natural instinct. But there is a great difference between protecting and hovering or helicopter parenting. Find a balance between protecting your babies and letting the explore and experience freedom for themselves. If YOU need to take baby steps with this, allow them to go to baby class and play with the other kids as you sit back and watch. If he/she needs you, they’ll come to you. But in more cases than not, they will enjoy that play time with friends and enjoy the moment of a taste of “independence”.

5. Simply just your kids know you love them.

They don’t need to win any special accolades or achievement awards- just simply letting your kids know how amazing they are and creating special moments with them is so important. Find something special to do with each child. Maybe you son loves to take talks and climb trees- go on a nature walk with him and explore nature and have that as your special one on one time with him and maybe your daughter like to play with dolls or play in the garden- create that special one on one time with her as well. It’s always going to be the simplest moments that we end up cherishing the most. So simply just love your kid for exactly who they are and let them know that!

6. Try not to feel guilty for working

I know this is a hard one- but if work is something you do to pay your bills and/or is something that is a passion of yours and you enjoy working – try not to feel guilty for working or having to leave the home for work. Yes, this is necessary but our children will learn what taking care of a family looks like, what it means to work and make money and you can have them contribute to the family by telling them every time mommy or daddy leaves for work and they are supportive that they are helping mommy and daddy help other people and do their job even better. Also, know that work can be an excuse to work longer hours or be away from home so know where your prioritize lie and if you’ve worked a certain amount of hours in a day or week- know that your priorities of being with your family are also important too.

7. Make sure to take care of yourself too- find MOM-ME time!

Very often, mothers put themselves last and on the back burner. It’s easy to do this time after time but what does that mean? It means that mom is not being taken care of. Her health starts to deteriorate because she is not eating healthier or keeping up with exercise, she may sleep less, not get enough water in the day and slowly but surely it is a downward spiral of neglecting to take care of herself. Remember, you are the captain that is steering this ship. You need to make sure your need are being met too! Find one thing a day to do for yourself- this can be working out, taking a shower, getting a hot cup of coffee or maybe even getting your nails done. Whatever you do, don’t forget you are a priority too! You will be a happier, healthier mom because of it!


If you’re not sure where to start- I’d love for you to grab my signature guide called The Magic Mom Morning Guide. I will talk you through what it looks like to prioritize your days, get in Mom ME time and become fulfilled again as a wife, mom & WOMAN!

You deserve to be the BEST version of you for your family and YOURSELF!

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