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Create Massive Wins & Plan Your Day the Night Before

As the saying goes, Mothers know best! However, when it comes to the daily tasks of moms, we at times get overwhelmed at where to even start! And I’m sure you would totally agree with me if I’d say I wish we would have 25 hours in a day! 

Think about if we actually had 25 hours in a day- instead of 24. What would you do with that extra hour?

Time spells love in the family that is why we should know how to manage it. Ever since I became a mom, I realized how valuable time is for the family and how time management plays a vital role in assuring that I am able to give more of me to my family. With that being said, I want to share with you a time saving hack and a new habit that will give you:

  • a clear action plan
  • more time in your day
  • allow you to be more productive
  • happier
  • less stressed
  • and live life PROACTIVELY vs REACTIVELY

Planning your day THE NIGHT BEFORE makes you more productive, here’s why:

It will make you feel like you are so ready to conquer your day-  you have laid out the things you needed to do according to urgency and priority, you have a gameplan to follow, kinda like a checklist to refer to.

I know you totally get me mama when I say, your mind is just a LITTLE pre-occupied in the morning as you have tons of things on your mind about how your day is going to go – putting out fires as they come up and just trying to get through your days. You probably are sleepy still to even think of where to start first thing in the morning and which task you should do first. Unlike in the evening, you have all the time to plan out your ‘to do lists’ the following day as your mind is less stressed and calm.

Do this, before dozing off, get a pen and a paper and write down the things you need to do tomorrow and sort out what’s the most important thing you should do first! Give yourself EARLY WINS in your day! Get up, make your bed, get a HOT cup of coffee, workout- INVEST IN YOU before all the other demands of the day pour over you.

As your day goes by, some things might be out of your control that would make you deviate from your game plan..
Chill, mama- you got this! Just smile and go with the flow, the plan is just your guide. It’s not going to be the end of the world. So long as you get to do what needs to be done, it’s all good.

Go ahead and try this tonight and see the difference. This has worked for me and countless numbers of other women who now see massive success in their days! These woman are not just seeing wins early on in their day but throughout their ENTIRE day!

There’s only one way to find out if this works for you – try it out and let me know how you do!


Sandi Glandt

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