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5 Powerful Strategies To Move Your Business Forward Each Month

In this post, I’m going to share with you what I do every day each week to move my business forward! 


1) Keep up with your team: Firstly, I always make sure everybody on my team is up to speed. It’s vital that everybody knows what they are focusing on, what actions need to be taken, what promotions are going on, etc. It’s very important for your whole team to be aligned!


2) Set days to work in/on your business: For example, Mondays and Fridays are days in which I’m working ON my business (doing branding shoots, VIP days, etc). And during the middle of the week, I’m working IN my business (working with my clients). Structure your weeks according to what you need to do.


3) Delegate tasks to your team: Find people you can delegate out so you can focus on the important things for your business that only YOU can do. Be strategic!


For the last two tips that I believe are the most IMPORTANT, watch my full video on the topic:

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