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How I Became a Morning Person

In this post, I’m sharing with you how I became a morning person!


Let me tell you a little secret, I wasn’t a morning person AT ALL, but I have become a better one because I plan for my mornings. 


1) Plan and prep the day before: This is the most important step to set yourself up for success. One thing I do is set out my gym clothes so firth thing in the morning, they are sitting there, waiting for me. 


2) Get in bed early: I know it sounds HARD but I promise you, it is POSSIBLE. Once you get your body in that mode of winding down and doing that earlier and earlier, it gets easier! Start incorporating it slowly by going to bed a few minutes earlier every night until it becomes a habit.


3) Take your vitamins: At night, I take three different vitamins that help me get that good quality of sleep that in turn, helps me be productive the next day. 


4) Breathwork: This is something you can do for a few minutes every day. I use an app on my phone and do some breath work right before going to bed as it helps me wind down. I also like to do it when I’m transitioning from work mode to mommy mode as it gives me this extra boost of energy. 


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