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Questions to Success

7 questions to success that every entrepreneur must ask themselves at the end of each week!

These 7 questions to success will be a GAME CHANGER in your business! 

We don’t achieve success and wins by mistake – we look at the patterns, behaviors, and stats to identify what is actually working and winning so we get to have more of that!

Ask yourself these questions at the end of each week and at the end of the month to have massive success and make your big money moves month after month.

1: What did I achieve this week?

2: What action steps moved me forward this week?

3: What sucked up my time this week?

4: What are the action steps that got me the most visibility this week?

5: How am I feeling with my progress at the end of the week?

6: What are the tasks I should have finished but didn’t?

7: How can I improve next week?

Jot down these 7 questions to success if you want to finish out every week strong and go into the next week with methods and systems that work!

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