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Prioritize What Matters

 It can seem simple to ‘prioritize what matters’… but how do we really do it? With the demands of work life, home life, family life, self-care, and the rising pressures to perform in every area- it can be hard to really prioritize what matters. How do you know if you can handle the pressure of adding something to your plate with everything you already have going on? Are you really ready to add something to your plate or is it time to step back and take something off? 

Read on for 5 tips to figure out if you’re ready to take on a new project, venture, or YES on your plate or if it’s time to start saying NO so you can show up and protect your ‘YES’ and commitments you already have!


How To Know When You Can Add More To Your Plate:

1: Figure Out Your Priorities

It’s important to get really clear on what your priorities look like in your life and that will help you decide if you can add more to your plate, or if you need to take something off.


2: Take It One Task At A Time

If you are switching from task to task, you are most likely not able to add more to your plate because you aren’t even able to finish the first task. Focus on completing the task at hand, then move to the next and follow through to completion, before starting the next.


3: Pay Attention to Mom Guilt

We all feel mom guilt from time to time, but if you are taking on so much that you don’t have enough time for your kids, it’s important to take a step back and think about if you are showing up in the places that really matter to you. From here you can see where you need to plug into things that are important to you or step away from things that aren’t serving you.


4: Are You Feeling Fulfilled?

Really ask yourself: are you feeling fulfilled? This is such an important question. Take a look at your home life, self-care, time with your kids, personal relationships, etc. Figure out what is really important to you and tune into that voice that is telling you where you need to put more attention to feel more fulfilled in life.

5: Start Saying No!

This is a hard one. It’s so difficult to learn to start saying no, especially when you want to show up in certain areas, or it’s just hard for you to say no to people. You need to decide where you want to show up and say no to anything that isn’t that. This will allow you to be more present in those important areas that matter most to you. 


After reading these tips, hopefully, you are able to figure out if you’re able to add more to your plate, or maybe you need to take some things off! 

Still not sure? Check out my YOUTUBE video for more tips on prioritizing what really matters! 



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