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Freebie Friday!



So from time to time I like to give goodies to YOU my friends, my tribe! As we all know the holiday’s are fast approaching and it is WAY TOO EASY to get off track! A few cocktails here, a slice of pumpkin pie there…all those extra bites and sips add up! Even if you’re not counting those calories err, bites- trust me, they add up and your body is!

So in lieu of #FreebieFriday I want to gift you one of my most trusted and loved products! What is it you ask?

It’s these beautiful colored coded babies!



Yup, that’s right- these portion control containers! We all know that what we look and feel like is made up by 80% of what we are putting in to our bodies! So whether we are eating chips and pizza or fruits and veggies there is a DIRECT correlation with how we feel and what we eat–> as well as how we look! I don’t care if you’re working out 6 hours a day (I mean lets be real WHO has time for that) you need to be fueling up your body with the right nutrients AND THE RIGHT AMOUNTS!! That’s where these containers come in handy!

Before these came into my life I thought I was eating healthy and eating enough of the right foods. Once I starred seeing how often I SHOULD have been eating but just in smaller portions I feel like my world was turned upside down. It’s not about eating LESS, its about eating the right foods, in the right amounts MORE often! CRAZY RIGHT!! Not really, it’s been proven that if you do this it helps to keep your blood sugar stable, metabolism fired up AND promote weight loss!!

So, I want to offer these along with your own CUSTOM MEAL PLANNER to YOU!!

enter to win

All you have to do to enter to win is 3 SIMPLE STEPS:

I will then enter you name and GO LIVE ON FACEBOOK and pick one lucky winner! TRUST ME, this will be a GAME CHANGER for you as it was for me! You realize once you have these how much you’ve over ate in the past and start to now train your body to eat the right portions along with the right foods to get the RESULTS YOU’RE LOOKING FOR!

Winner will be announced Friday evening so make sure follow the 3 steps above to enter to win!

I can’t wait to connect with you!

xo sandi



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