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10 Must Have Hacks for Traveling with Kids

The holiday season is approaching, so today I am sharing with you some of my must-haves when traveling with kids.


Let's make things easier for both your kids and you, mamas!


1) Get a hotel crib

Always ask your hotel for a crib. I recommend calling the hotel beforehand to check and confirm that they will have one ready for you. 


2) Pack a sound machine

Make sure you pack your sound machine with you as it can come in handy.


3) Pack all medication

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Especially when it comes to your kids. Make sure you pack all the medication as you never know what you might need or whether you will be able to find it internationally. 


4) Pack chewy snacks for the plane

One great hack I found recently is to bring fruit snacks as it gets kids constantly chewing and keeps them entertained. It also helps with the going up and coming down pressure in the plane. 

A bonus tip: Make sure you have easy access to it!


5) Keep the same schedule

I know that it is not that easy with the time difference, but it is crucial to keep your kids on the same schedule. Every time we travel somewhere where there is a time change, we make sure we adjust their schedules as needed.

You can use your plain time to help them adjust by either having them stay awake longer or sleep longer.


For my last few tips, watch my full video on the topic: 


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