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Summer Fun Activities to Do with Baby

It’s been a while since I’ve been here to chat with you! I’ve been busy making baby food, traveling with the fam and most recently helping Jakey get over his first cold. BUT- he’s better and I’m BACK! I plan on being here with you AT LEAST once a week to update you on our journey’s healthy (quick and easy) meals, workouts, baby products, reviews and much more!

Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite ideas for Summer Fun Activities to Do with Baby. Now that the weather is getting nicer and the summer is right around the corner there is so much to do outside and explore with your baby. Everyday after Jakey’s second nap of the day, I try and take him out of the house to explore and find some new activity to do. I always try and mix it up and take him to different places to explore. Here is a list of activities that I’ve put together for you that you can enjoy with you babe. Let me know if you try these or share with me some of your own ideas that you enjoy with your little one! I can’t wait to hear from you!

Adventuring Outside Your Home:

– Visit an aquarium to introduce baby to life under the sea

– Explore a nearby park

– Visit your local library for story time

– Go on a nature walk in your neighborhood so baby can explore all the sounds and sights that surround you

– Mommy and Me Yoga Class

– Baby Swim Class

– Join a local baby gym

– Find a mommy and me playgroup

– Visit a children’s museum

– Let baby swing and slide on the playground

– Take a trip to the beach

– Visit a farmers market

– Visit the zoo

– Take baby to Color Me Mine and make a special piece with baby’s hands or footprints


Activities To Do Inside: 

– Make your own fro-yo popsicles

– Read with baby in the air conditioned house

– Turn your kiddie pool into an indoor ball pit

– Bring the toys to the tub and cool off indoors





Adventures To Do At Home Outside:

 – Cool off outside in the pool or with an inflatable kiddie pool

– Add the ball pit balls to the kiddie pool for extra fun

– Paint with edible finger paint outside

– Bring the music outside and have a dance party with baby

– Setup a water station and let baby splash outside with all different bowls and toys

– Blow bubbles

– Go for a walk around the block

– Read books underneath a shaded tree

I hope this list helps you enjoy these hot, Summer days ahead with your little one(s). Let me know what activities you love and how you beat the heat through these Summer days!

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