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Re-Energize your Sales!

Recently when speaking on CNBC about work life balance, Tim Armstrong, CEO of AOL said that with today’s 24/7 connectivity it almost impossible to NOT be connected. That got me thinking about how as salespeople we get so connected to prospecting for new business/managing pipelines, making sure our follow-up sequences are tight, refining our pitch, and not to mention navigating the never-ending onslaught of information that dumps on us every time we check our phones or email… that we neglect to polish up those little fundamentals that everything we do as salesperson relies on.

I always compare this to going to the driving range. I love to play golf… I mean LOVE it, and when I practice consistently I am pretty decent. When I make the time to get to the driving range to practice a couple times per week, my tempo improves, my distance control improves, my touch/feel improves… and subsequently, my scores improve.

I feel the exact same way about sales. Now obviously if you are reading this you are likely the type of person interested in personal development to some degree. But I am not talking about grabbing a new book while you are running through the airport, or reading the next motivational post you see come through your LinkedIn or Twitter feed. I am talking about re-visiting the X’s and O’s of selling. The fundamental concepts that reside at the foundation of EVERY successful salesperson.

When I find myself revisiting these most basic fundamental skills, I find myself being reminded of things that after 14 years as a professional salesperson I have become desensitized to. Things such as quick ways to build bulletproof conviction, a million dollar attitude, levels of commitment that can’t be matched, and the level of action required to reach the levels of success that I know I am capable of.

Now I may be a little biased (…ok maybe a lot biased), but that does not change the fact the hands down the best content I have found to lubricate these gears that keep my engine performing at the top levels is by my boss @GrantCardone. In fact when I was first introduced to Grant and his material, these course were the ones that sold me on the fact that I needed to move across 5 states to work for the guy. Today, this is a $1400 course that we sell in our online university… no doubt a bargain for anyone who considers himself/herself a true professional… but in a moment of weakness under the guise of “Promotion to a new audience” I was able to get Grant to list this course on the educational platform Udemy. Best part? I got him to list the course for $99!

Now again, I will say that I am biased, but that does not change the fact that I guarantee that this course can wake the dead. It can lay the blueprint for the amateur and it can pour gas on the fire of a veteran. How am I so sure? Because this course was the catalyst that took me from making $2500/mo to making that a day!

I am 100% confident because I have seen it work for me. I want you to check it out… it is truly a steal and I would love to hear your feedback. Here is the link to the course that is now live on Udemy –

If you can make sense of investing $99 in yourself (which I hope is an easy decision) I want to personally hear your unfiltered feedback regarding the content. You can email me at, or post your comments on this article. I can’t wait to hear from you!! BE GREAT!!

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