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Defining Your Work Life Wellness: Setting Boundaries for Success.

Defining Your Work-Life Wellness by Setting Boundaries for Success

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You’ve heard it a million times. Set Boundaries. Why is it so important to set boundaries at work and at home? It’s hard for many people to set boundaries and stick to them. But, when you are able to identify the ‘why’ behind setting them, it becomes easier to stick to them. This way we can maintain this healthy work-life wellness. Having wellness in all these areas of life can keep up not just surviving, but thriving in these areas. When we don’t set boundaries, and blur the lines between work and home it can lead to burnout and stress.

Here are 8 tips to help define your work-life wellness and set your boundaries for success.

1: Set Specific Times.

Set specific times for ‘work time’ and ‘home time.’ This means establishing a time to begin and end your work day and sticking to it. Create a daily schedule or outline and stick to these times. This will help you get your work done during work hours, and have time to spend with your family at home.

2: Take Breaks.

Taking breaks is essential to work-life wellness. This will also help you to differentiate between your work and your home time. Whether it’s just a 5-minute stretch break, or doing breathwork, having that transition period is really important.

3: Set Physical Boundaries.

Setting a physical boundary and having a dedicated workspace is going to help keep you focused and organized at all times throughout the day. Many work-from-home moms keep their kitchen or bedrooms (or any quiet space) as their workspace, but keeping a designated space that is only for work and is off limits for everything else will help you transition from ‘work mode’ and ‘mommy mode’ and to be able to stay focused and completely present in those spaces.

4: Disconnect From Work.

Turn off work notifications on your phone and computer, avoid checking emails, and don’t keep watch over work messages outside of working hours. Once you set those specific times for work and home, it’s important for your mental well-being to have times when you can tap out of that work stress and be fully present with your kids or family. Set clear hours with your work, clients, or team for communication hours.

5:  Make Time For Yourself.

Set aside time to relax and do something you enjoy! Whether it’s reading, exercising, breathwork, coffee, or anything else you enjoy. You deserve it, and you need it to maintain a healthy work-life wellness.

6: Prioritize Tasks.

In my book, Slay Your Day, I talk about the importance of ditching a “to-do” list and having a priority list instead. Focus on your top 3 things – these are your Big Money Moves that are going to help move the needle forward every day!

7: Communicate.

Make sure to communicate the boundaries you’ve set with your clients, your team, and your family members. This will keep everyone on the same page, and let everyone else know what to do.

8: Ask For Help.

If you’re struggling to manage your workload or stay within the boundaries you’ve created for yourself, don’t be afraid to ask for help and get support!




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