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The Working Mom’s Survival Kit: 10 Essential Products for Productivity and Well-Being

Discover the Working Mom Essentials That Simplify Your Life and Empower You!


Welcome to the Working Mom’s Survival Kit! As a busy mom juggling multiple responsibilities, I know the importance of reliable products that support a hectic lifestyle. In this blog post, I’ll share my top 10 favorite products that have become essential in my daily routine. These tools help me work smarter, save time, and make the most of every moment. Join me as I reveal these game-changers and provide convenient links to explore them further. Let’s dive in and discover how these tools can help you show up fully and slay your day!

Item One: Ember Mug – Enjoy the perfect cup of hot coffee all day long with its temperature control features and color-changing indicators.


I truly can’t live without my Ember mug. It keeps my coffee hot throughout the day, solving the problem of reheating multiple times, when things get busy in the house.

Ember Mug:


Item Two: Rae Dunn Planner – Simplify your daily planning with its practical design and blank lines for focused goal setting.

Finding the right planner is essential for productivity and time management. I love using Rae Dunn planners because they are simple and practical. With blank lines for each day, so I can write down and focus on my three big money moves and goals. It goes well with my digital Google Calendar, providing a space for brainstorming and creative planning with the power of pen and paper.


Rae Dunn Planner:





Item Three: Organization Board – Keep your life in order with a central hub for mail, notes, calendars, and more.

An organization board is a game changer for our busy lives. It keeps everything in order and streamlines daily operations. In our house, we hang it in a central location, like the laundry room, and experience the benefits of staying organized, saving time, and reducing stress across the whole family!

Organization Board:

Item Four: Versatile Ring Light – Elevate your content creation with professional lighting for videos and podcasts. 


If you’re a working mom involved in content creation, whether it’s for video calls, podcasts, or shooting weekly content, a ring light is an essential tool. With this ring light, I can make sure that I always have the perfect lighting for my videos, regardless of the weather or location.

Ring Light:




Item Five: 10x Health Vitamins – Boost your energy and wellness with high-quality supplements tailored for optimal health.

One of my top recommendations for maintaining optimal health and energy as a working mom is the 10x Health vitamins. These vitamins have been a game-changer for me, my husband, and even my kids. These vitamins have become a vital part of my daily routine, helping me manage stress, optimize my diet, and support my active lifestyle. They provide the energy, focus, and resilience I need to tackle my demanding schedule and prioritize self-care.

10X Vitamins: DM me on IG @SandiGlandt for more info


Item Six: Hydration Tracking Water Bottle – Stay accountable and improve your hydration habits with this BPA-free bottle.

One of the game-changers in my daily routine, especially since pregnancy, has been my hydration tracking water bottle. Drinking enough water has always been a struggle for me. To combat this, I’ve found that tracking my water intake is key.

This particular water bottle helps me stay accountable and mindful of my hydration goals. It has markings on the side indicating different times of the day, reminding me to keep up with my water intake.

BPA Free water bottle with time markers:


Item Seven: Kern Cosmetics Skincare – Experience clean and organic skincare products that nourish and rejuvenate your skin.

Let me introduce you to Kern Cosmetics, an incredible skincare line created by Natalia Kern, one of my closest girlfriends. With a focus on clean and organic ingredients, Kern Cosmetics offers a range of products designed to cleanse, moisturize, and rejuvenate your skin. From gentle cleansers to hydrating oils, each product is carefully formulated to provide multiple benefits in a natural and effective way. They’re simple to use, and great for your skin: saving you time with your skincare routine!

Katya Love Skin Care:…


Item Eight: iRobot Roomba – Let this smart vacuum cleaner take care of your cleaning needs while you focus on other tasks.

The convenience of having the Roomba running in the background while you cook, work, or spend time with your kids is amazing! It effortlessly takes care of the mess, whether it’s crumbs from a meal or debris from an arts and crafts project. It saves me so much time!

iRobot Roomba 692 Robot Vacuum:

Item Nine: Oura Ring – Track your sleep quality, heart rate, and more with this sleek device that supports your overall well-being.

I’ve been using for over a year. I usually wear it at night, but some people wear it all day long. The Oura Ring tracks various aspects of your health and well-being, including the quality of your sleep, heart rate, and exercise levels. It even acts as a period tracker, providing insights into your menstrual cycle. The Oura Ring is an amazing tool to support your overall health and wellness!

Oura Ring:


These products have become essential in my life. They offer convenience, time-saving benefits, and cost-effectiveness, enabling me to be more productive and efficient. I share them with you in the hope of making your life easier and more enjoyable. 

If you want to dive deeper into the topic of the best purchases for mompreneurs, check out my full episode on the Slay Your Day Podcast titled “The Working Mom’s Survival Kit: 10 Best Purchases As A Mompreneur.” I’ll share valuable insights and recommendations on essential products that have made a significant impact on my life as a working mom. Tune in to discover how these tools can enhance your productivity, efficiency, and overall well-being as a mompreneur. Listen Here! 

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