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10 Of My Best Work From Home Tips To Maximize Your Productivity

Hey babe!

I hope you’re hanging in there in the midst of all the craziness.

So many of you are now finding your groove in your “new normal” of working from home. This can bring many challenges to you as you navigate these new waters. There are so many unknowns and distractions that can now affect your productivity and how much you get done each day.

I want to give you some tips on how to get and STAY in control of your environment and surroundings so you can MAXIMIZE your time, get more done, not feel rushed/ anxious or scattered and still continue to feel accomplished and fulfilled at the end of the day.

As a mom who works from home I have had to be very STRICT about my time, how I run my day and how I get things done.

Today I shot a video for you as well as these 10 Bonus Tips on My Best Working From Home Tips To Maximize Your Productivity!



 I want to share with you 10 Of My Best Working From Home Tips To Maximize Your Productivity!

  1. Set Working Hours for Yourself: This means you continue to wake up, take breaks, end work, go to bed, etc all as you would if you were still working out of the home. It’s so important (now more than ever) to stay in your routine as best you can so it’s easy for you to pop back into your regular schedule once you return to “normal.” Start your day at the same time every day, take your lunch break at the same time, end the day at the same time- I even will say stick to your same bedtime routine of going to bed at the same time every night so you can wake up the same time each morning. Consistency is KEY!
  2. Create a Dedicated Work Area: Having a dedicated work area allows you to plug in a focus when you sit down to work. Limit the distractions in this area just as you would at your desk. This means no extra snacks, video games, phone calls or any other distractions that could pop up and take you away from your work.
  3. Cut Out Distractions: Speaking of distractions cut out any distractions that could pull you away from your work. This means notifications on your phone, texts, email alerts, phone calls, etc. Stay plugged in to the work you are currently working on and then move on to the next thing. Too many distractions will ultimately add up and add MORE TIME to your work day than needed. Stay focused and attack one area of focus at a time. (BONUS TIP) If your kids are home and they are a distraction for you, have your office or space as an “off limits area”. If your kids are younger and you are pulling double duty- see my next tip for how to maximize your time and get more done with little ones at home.)
  4. Hire Help: It’s time to get strategic here! As I mentioned above, you may need to call in or hire help if you have little ones at home so you can focus and get your work done. If you have a family member who can help out for a few hours, hire the neighborhood kid to come over (for super cheap) or even hire a part or full time/ sitter or nanny- you need to do what you need to do to get your work done. My best advice on this is to get your most important work done when you have help. Don’t try and take important phone calls or send out important emails which you’re trying to chase the kids around. Wait until you have sufficient help/ back up to get your most important work done.
  5. Get the Important Work Done First (or when you have coverage): You should always be getting the most important things done and out of the way FIRST thing in the day. However, for all of the mamas out there- as I mentioned above, get your most important work done when you have coverage for your littles and you can truly be focused and have 100% of your attention on work.
  6. Batch Your Work: You want to look at your work in terms of how you can batch items together. Emails, phone calls, content creation, newsletters, videos, list building, etc. There are a million and one things we do in a day but if you can batch out your work into time blocking and (even better) into days- you will get MORE WORK DONE than if your mind was all over the place every day. So focus on the areas that go hand in hand and you can stay in the same zone- other tasks get moved to a different time or day.
  7. Use a Day Planner: It’s so important to plan out your days the NIGHT BEFORE. Sit down each day after you finish work for the day and plan out your next day. Everything from the time you get up, tasks you need to do that day, what’s for dinner and any other activities. This will DOUBLE if not TRIPLE your productivity!
  8. Use tools and technology to your advantage: There are so many great tools online that can help you work from home. You can use workflow management systems like Asana,  Google calendar, or even just use reminders on your phone.This is one of the tips for working from home effectively that can really change how you structure your day so you actually get stuff done.
  9. Move Your Body: When working from home, it’s easy to get stuck in one spot all day. Unlike working in an office where you may be up and down a lot, you may find yourself glued to the chair and getting a lot less movement in your day when you work from home. By exercising regularly, you can stay healthy and clear your mind. Go for a walk on your lunch break, start your day with a workout or go for a 10 minute mid-day power walk.
  10. Outsource/ Delegate: Outsourcing work can help you focus more on tasks that you need to complete. I always look to find people who are better in a certain area than me. If I need someone to create images or graphics, podcast or video editing, I outsource. I stay in my wheel house and know what I am best at. I get MORE work done by focusing on the MONEY MAKING ACTIVITIES I can do vs trying to be mediocre in the areas someone is far better at than me and I can outsource. Also, if right now you need to outsource someone to come and clean, organize or even make meals for you- figure out where your time is best spent and d those activities! This will allow you to buy yourself time, get more done and feel ACCOMPLISHED!

Let me know how these tips help you when working from home! Feel free to comment below, connect with me on social or DM me so we can connect!

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