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Online Fitness Groups

Getting fit and staying healthy are HARD. Every month, I take about 10-15 people who are serious about getting healthier and I work with them individually and part of a group to help them see the results they are looking for. Whether you need to lose weight, tone up, build lean muscle, or even gain weight I have a program and an online fitness group ready for you.


What you’ll get with any Online Fitness Group:

  • A 21-90 day workout program
  • Daily workout schedule (no guessing!)
  • Filling, simple meal plan
  • 30 Days of a meal replacement SUPER SHAKE (Shakeology – YUM!)
  • Daily MOTIVATION, group support, and accountability
  • Prizes
  • Access to stream 15 workout programs online for 30 days
  • My personal coaching
  • happierhealthier, YOU! (Guaranteed)

Interested in committing? Email me at:

From Sandi & Jarrod Glandt

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