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Joe Dimaggio Children’s Hospital x Pomp Snow & CIRQUEumstance™ National Debut

What do you get when you pair up Joe Dimaggio Children’s Hospital and Broadway Director and Cirque Dreams Founder, Neil Goldberg…the most magical afternoon of music, magic and smiles from so many amazing children (and adults) who were in for a special treat with the National Debut of Pomp Snow & CIRQUEumstance™.


POMP, SNOW & CIRQUEumstance™ is a wondrous new holiday children’s book and the first from Goldberg whose name is synonymous with quality and engaging family entertainment.


Tuesday afternoon I had the pleasure of watching these magical characters come to life. As Neil Goldberg told us about his vision and mission of bringing happiness and magic together for his own family and friends, little did he know how perfectly his vision would pair up with Joe Dimaggio Children’s Hospital’s vision and commitment to bringing happiness, play and positive experiences for all their children.

Back in March of this year we had our own experience with Joe Dimaggio Children’s Hospital. To say our experience with doctors, nurses and everyone from the front desk receptionist (and valet guys) was exceptional is an understatement!


My heart and family are forever grateful to EVERYONE at Joe Dimaggio Children’s Hospital for how they treated my family and our entire experience with them.


From the moment we entered the patient room (they had Jakey’s name drawn out on the table in crayon and a bag of goodies and toys waiting for him), to the incredible nurses and doctors who kept this nervous mama up to date throughout the whole process and beautiful bubble parade they gave Jakey as he went back into surgery- I can’t express my heartfelt gratitude enough for EVERYONE at Joe Dimaggio Children’s Hospital!


When I was invited to this event and heard about how Joe Dimaggio Children’s Hospital and the authors of this children’s book were teaming up it was a “HECK YES” for me to be here to support anything Joe Dimaggio Children’s Hospital does.


As Neil Goldberg read the pages of the book and the characters acted out each page, my heart was so happy knowing that the parents and kids in the hospital were getting such a beautiful experience.


As a mama who was sitting in that waiting room a few months ago- your nerves, anxiousness and uncertainty can get the best of you. You are wearing a brave and strong face for your child but I just KNOW that that experience on Tuesday was a ray of light and happiness for every parent and child in the hospital!


I can’t wait for children all around the world to get their hands on this magical book that releases to the public in November just in time for the holidays!


“Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital’s philosophy that creating fun, playful and positive experiences for our children helps them to do well clinically. ”


It was such a pleasure to be at this event with Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital and I encourage you to go grab a copy for yourself and kiddos this holiday season!


Here is a brief look into my experience on Tuesday!

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